SteelersGab Number 2 on Our List of the Biggest Steelers Catches of All-Time

We all know that the Steelers have a rich tradition of big plays over the course of their history. From six Super Bowls to countless playoff games to huge wins, the Steelers are the most celebrated NFL team in history for a number of reasons. Today we continue our countdown of the “Top 10 Catches in Steelers History”. Today, we throw out Number 2. Be back tomorrow for Number 1:

Number 2: December 23rd 1972 – Franco Harris Pulls in The Immaculate Reception

NFL Films has called it the greatest play of all time, as well as the most controversial. The play, as if you haven’t seen it, came with :22 seconds left and the Steelers trailing the Raiders 7-6 in an AFC Playoff game. With the Steelers down to their last play, coach Chuck Noll called a pass play, 66 Circle Option, which was intended for receiver Barry Pearson, a rookie who was playing in his first pro game. Terry Bradshaw, unable to find Pearson while avoiding two Raiders defenders, threw the ball to the Raiders’ 35-yard line, toward fullback John “Frenchy” Fuqua. Raiders safety Jack Tatum collided with Fuqua just as the ball arrived. Tatum’s hit knocked Fuqua to the ground and sent the ball sailing backward several yards, end over end. Harris, after initially blocking on the play, had run downfield in case Bradshaw needed another eligible receiver. He scooped up the sailing ball just before it hit the ground, and ran the rest of the way downfield to score the touchdown. The touchdown gave the Steelers a 12-7 lead and the amazing play allowed the Steelers to win the game. The Raiders to this day say that the play was illegal, and even say that the ball hit the ground. Whatever. It’s still the play that gets played more than any other in NFL history.

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