Steelers Unveil 2008 Super Bowl Rings

The Steelers did their best to make their brand new Super Bowl rings look different from all the rest – and why not? They are the first team in the history of the NFL to have six titles under their belt, and the ring that the players from last years squad will wear will show that.

The team went with six round, brilliant cut diamonds surrounding the Steelers logo. The Steelers logo is formed with yellow, red and blue stones in the shape of hypocycloids sitting atop a football-shaped design created with 32 round diamonds.

Seven diamonds at each tip of the football recognize the team’s seven AFC Championships and when combined, the 14 diamonds signify the number of Division titles in Steelers history.

One side of the ring depicts six Lombardi Trophies rising from Heinz Field. The team did that as they say – “to recognize the support and loyalty of Steelers fans.” The opposing side of the ring is personalized with each individual player’s name and jersey number. That side also incorporates the Steelers helmet and the NFL shield to acknowledge both team and league.

The ring is cast in 14 karat yellow gold with black antique backgrounds to reflect the Steelers’ colors. The Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLIII ring weighs 104 grams (approximately 3.7 ounces) and incorporates 63 round, brilliant cut diamonds totaling 3.61 carats.

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  • This ring, like the 6th title itself, was worth the wait.

    Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing what the seventh ring looks like. 😉

  • north

    wouldn’t want to get punched out with that thing

  • terri

    Love that ring!

  • how much did that thing cost–what an extremely huge waste of money when so many are struggling–surprised no one seems to care about throwing money at jewelry!! It’s times like this that I am sickened to be American with our overindulgent sports idiots!

    • What about all of the money that the League/Team paid the company that made them, plus the whole chain of workers etc that were involved?

    • David

      Kate, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think “The Ring” looks fantastic with a lot of thought, and money, put into its design.
      By the way, do YOU own any jewelry? Wedding ring? band? earrings?
      Shame, shame on you if you do own jewelry. Sell it immediately, if not sooner. Take the money to a school, Mission, homeless shelter or your choice of needy organizations.

      I’m sure you and yours stayed within your budget if you purchased jewelry.
      Well, so did the Steelers!!
      GO Patriots!!!

  • wow…first of all that ring is just gorgeous…second of all somebody needs to chill out, that’s what I call nuts. Either way that ring is super amazing and America can put money towards whatever hey damn well please with no consequences…o well looks like you’re gonna have to deal sorry.

  • sal reyna

    I don’t care what anyone says that’s a dope super bowl ring .esepcially its not gonna be their last ring. GO STEELERS!!!

  • BBwiththeO

    Kate, the only idiotic thing about the Steelers 6th ring is your stupid comment. You are a moron and the classic reason why men don’t want women like you watching or commenting on football or any sports for that fact. The NFL is a multi-Billion dollar enterprize that pours money into the communities it services.

  • I got to look and hold two of those rings yesterday and they are more like trophies then rings. Either way, they are really unique and something that was well earned.

  • SteelerChick

    i have been waiting forever for this ring, and like most it was worth the wait, Go Steelers, the seventh ring will be even better……

  • Wow!!! Out of all the super bowl rings that were ever made, the Steelers 5th was by far the best ever until now. This is an awesome ring. Go Steelers!!!

  • I waited to see that UGLY.

  • I’m a browns fan, all I have to say is wow! That ring is amazing! And if the steeler organization had the ability to get those then who is anybody to say it was a poor way to spend money? U didn’t get yur body beat up through 20 games to aquire it now did u? Shut it!

  • seth brum

    yea right the saints are goin all da way!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!

  • robert

    Best ring yet .worthy of the best team. Sixburgh. Rules

  • angel

    can’t wait to see the cowboys six ring looks like go cowboys

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