Well the second half starts with the Steelers getting the ball, and at their own 20.

Tomlin said no major adjustments, let’s hope that’s enough to get a win. Leave your comments below.

Offense continues to show some life, as Hines Ward finally makes a play to get them into Ravens territory.

Like the play calling, but they have to keep the Ravens on their toes

Suisham gets another field goal between 40 to 49, hits a 45-yard kick that closes it to 7-3.

3rd and 10, D needs to step up and stop them!

Ravens drive down and get three, making it a 10-3 game, but actually feel good about how this offense has played the last few series

Why is Mendenhall going backwards?! You can’t afford negative plays on 2nd and 1!

Steelers do a great job on 4th and 1, get the Ravens to jump, and get a first down!

Just what the team needs, another O-linemen going down, Adams hurt

10-6, the offense is playing 100 percent better than the first half, and this one could come down to the Steelers needing a TD late to try and pull out a 13-10 win.

Wallace gets a first, but a stupid illegal formation kills it. This team has had just way too many flags the last three weeks to play championship football

Timmons ran right past Flacco, but Brett Keisel makes a big play on third and 6 to force a punt

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65 Comments on "Second Half OPEN THREAD"

  1. Awesome play by Mike Wallace, and all the sudden the offense is looking like it has life!

  2. Sanders should have had that, not sure as to why he was going down before he had the ball, good drive if they can get this

  3. At least we have some points on the board. Good drive, unfortunate finish

  4. Not sure about that one, looked like McFadden should have gotten a flag on that one

  5. Hear ya cbo, the offense seems to finally have some type of rhythm, and let’s hope the D holds and we can get the ball back

  6. Another let up on third and 10, how many times is this defense going to hold on 1st and 2nd down, just to give up a big play on third and long?!

  7. Better hope your playoff life isn’t on the line the last week of the season….. Go Browns!!!!

  8. Ha ha, at least we have a Playoff life Brownsgab, your playing for that vaunted .500 mark…whoooo

  9. The league should investigate Billy Cundiff for steroids

  10. i think the steelers only use about 4 different formations.

  11. i am not a mendenhall fan. he is a finesse runner at best.

  12. kemo has some moves!!!!

  13. Steelers offense has the Ravens on their toes

  14. 34 hates contact. hates collisions.

  15. Give it to Kemo on third and short

  16. go for it

  17. how is that not a fucking flag!!!!

  18. Where’s the flipping helmet to helmet on the Ravens there on Miller!?

  19. fuck you roger goddell…fuck you you prick.

  20. the steelers aren’t playing well enough to win this game but i am sorry. the refs have clearly deceded not to call head shots when they are against the steelers

  21. Have to agree with Collinsworth, the refs clearly don’t know what the blank helmet to helmet is!!!!

  22. Disagree Mike, the offense is totally in stride, and are playing well enough to get this one

  23. but matt, this drive has been advanced because of 2 penalties by the ravens. i will take it though.

  24. Huge play on 3rd and 11, the Steelers look like they are ready to score here and tie the game!

  25. i thnk brwon could have rolled in and it would have been 6! goal to go is not our strong point. man am i negative on this team…

  26. our oline sucks

  27. have i mentioned how bad our oline is?

  28. Should have run that WR screen on first down

  29. see if we can get off field after a nice first down…

  30. awesome. we need six points now. good return

  31. Defense steps up on 3rd down, now the offense needs to keep up the stride they have been in

  32. Way too many drops tonight, that’s about 4

  33. get off the field!!

  34. Again the D steps up, but it’s time for the offense to put a drive together to win the game

  35. defense has done great. not sure what the offense can do without an oline? roll ben out a little? maybe try a screen to a running back? they have kept it close now it is time for the offense to produce. roger goddell can still go to hell…

  36. Wallace again makes a big play, and now the offense is moving again and they are finally showing better signs of life

  37. 4th and four, and they are playing for one more possession

  38. 23 yard difference due to a stupid run out of bounds, defense has to make a stand here, or they are done

  39. at least the clock stopped.

  40. Way to go McFadden, another stupid flag

    • I’m listening to a stream… and off screen Collinsworth said that pass interference call was wrong… not interference

  41. Redman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. what an offensive line!! love this group!!!

  43. HUGE play by Redmen, and the Steelers have the lead, and have a shot to pull it off!!!!

  44. Ha ha Mike, you turncoat!

  45. 2nd and 18 and they give up 16, ugh

  46. going to come down to a feild goal or a steeler stop

  47. one time D

  48. You knew they would go to Boldin there…D needs to step up again

  49. Time for the defense to show the world why they are the best.

  50. mcfadden should get cut

  51. That ball was uncatchable, unreal

  52. Way to go, B Mac !

  53. Two guys there, should have been picked!

  54. watch the deep ball!!

  55. Whew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. first place baby!!!!

  57. how good is 43? macfadden made a nice play on the last snap. give him credit there but boy he had a tough night…

  58. What a great game!

  59. Last 6 games Ben Roethlisberger vs Baltimore: 6-0

  60. Loede when you doing the recap i want to give you a congrats post to get it over with. There isn’t anything i can say you beat use and deserved it i’m sure you guys are gonna make fun of me.

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