Cole: Taylor a Good Shot to Return to the Steelers

Things have been pretty quiet for the Steelers, as other teams start to position themselves to quickly try to talk to and sign free agents.

As is usual, the Steelers seem to be taking their time, but one report has them already in the works with one of their own, and it’s one that the team doesn’t want to lose.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports just tweeted the following about one big Steeler free agent:

Good chance ike Taylor returns to steelers.

If you know about the Steelers secondary situation at all, you know why getting Taylor back is such a big deal. Right now he, along with William Gay are both free agents, and the Steelers have put the bullseye on Taylor as their number one target in the free agent sweepstakes.

So for now, we will keep you updated as best we can with what the Steelers will do next – but count on it having to do with Taylor.

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