Steelers Gab Week Three NFL Preseason Power Rankings

10. San Diego Chargers – Norv Turner may be down to his last shot with this team, as every year they underachieve, and 2010 was no doubt their worst year in awhile. They feel that with an offense that boasts Philip Rivers and two decent backs in Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert, this is a team that can score. The question is – can they improve even more on defense and make another leap?

Last Ranking: #12

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  1. I’m gonna go ahead and get this off my chest now…Our offensive line sucks…If big fuckin clumsy oafs like Kemo aren’t falling on top of our own guys, then other team defenders are getting through to BB! How long have we had to build a good offensive line around our FRANCHISE QB!!!!! Good God!

  2. Unbefuckinlievable….Hampton has no business being in the game in the second half and WHY is Leftwich playing if the Steelers know h’s the number 2!?!?!?!? give the flippin 3rd Qrt to batch and the 4th to Dixon or vice versa and let them battl eit out for the number 3!?!! What the fuck, Tomlin!?! Lewis’ and Pouncey’s injuries are understandable (although I would’ve given Legurskey the start at center) because they happened in the first half. Any starters get injured in the second half and you need your head examined! This is a veteran team whose starters don’t need all these reps. Tomlin, wake up!!!!

  3. Jay your definetly the most bipolar person on here.

  4. On what grounds, Thomas ? Because I dont blindly defend my team even the face of lunacy?!? You don’t get a pass because you’re the Pittsburgh steelers and we your fans! If you do stupid things, then you get it pointed out to you!

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