Seriously Pouncey? Think Before You Tweet

Seems that one of the Steelers better young players used some ‘not so good’ judgement following the game last night. At least that’s the opinion of this writer. Center Maurkice Pouncey, who missed the game with an ankle injury, sent out the following Tweet following the game last night. Note the Tweet has been cleaned up due it’s profanity.

Go f*&k wit my nigga @YoGottiKOM and Pre-Order #LiveFromDaKitchen From iTunes


While Steeler Nation is looking to recover, and other players are saying they are sorry for the loss, Pouncey decided to Tweet about some rapper who has a new album coming out on ITunes. Not only that, he dropped an F-bomb as well.


Don’t think Pouncey got away easy with the Tweet, as a number of people, most who appeared to be Steeler fans, jumped on the Pro Bowl center for the Tweet:

As you can see by the next response, fellow Flordia grad and Steelers rookie tackle Marcus Gilbert also must have tweeted the same type of thing:


Pouncey actually responded to this one:

Nice. Listen, I get it – it’s a long season and emotions run high. I guess I just wish sometimes these guys would think before tweeting. To his credit, Pouncey did say the following on Twitter today:



Maybe next time, he’ll thinks before he Tweets.

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  1. This isn’t even the half of it. He responded to tons of Steelers fans who were hating on him for missing the game and tweeting about that rapper telling people they were “losers” and that they “wished they had my life.” his tweets were incredibly arrogant and in my opinion, a bit alarming. At times he was very aggressive. I get that it’s tough to handle the Internet troll maniacs, but you’re a professional athlete and you need to act like one. Or perhaps that’s exactly what professional athletes act like. Either way, I don’t like it. I bought his pro bowl tee shirt from his website Saturday night, too. Awesome.

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