Allen or Lewis to Get a Shot to Start at CB Opposite Taylor in 2012?

Pro Football Weekly talks about the Steelers CB’s, and how Cortez Allen and Keenan Lewis could get a shot to be the starter opposite Ike Taylor in 2012.

It will be interesting to see how the Steelers proceed at cornerback. Yes, Ike Taylor struggled mightily in the wild-card playoff loss to Denver, but his complete body of work in 2011 was quite good, and he remains the team’s top corner. The other starting spot, however, bears watching, with William Gay slated to be an unrestricted free agent. It’s possible the Steelers go young at this spot. The Steelers like 2011 fourth-rounder Cortez Allen and 2009 third-rounder Keenan Lewis, and each stands a chance at getting a longer look next season.

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4 Comments on "Allen or Lewis to Get a Shot to Start at CB Opposite Taylor in 2012?"

  1. Actually William Gay made a huge improvement over last year. And, I’m not at all ready to simply hand over the a starting job to Ike Taylor. While many are willing to simply brush off his ultra P poor performance in the playoffs, I am not equally as ready as the rest of you. We’re not just talking bad here – we’re talking ultra abismal. One of the worst performances by a corner in the history of the game. That just doesn’t happen by accident. Ike Taylor would have to prove to me that he’s still capable of playing this game. He was never a great corner to begin with. And, I suspect he’s lost a step or two. Was it some fluke that the Broncos pikced on Tayloir vs Fay this season? Maybe the Broncos know something that the Steelers don;t want to admit. I’m not ready to declare that his ultra PP performance was a fluke.The Steelers need to continue their urgent quest for a couple of real corners.

    • I’m sorry Ron but I’m sure me and a lot of the Steeler Nation would disagree with you on that. Yes his game may go down as one of the worst games by a corner in nfl history but I dont think you are fairly looking at his whole body of work from this year. Being matched up against receivers like andre johnson, aj green, wes welker and only giving up 1td is a heck of a season. Not to mention he shadowed most of those guys the whole game. I do also feel that Gay is finally starting to develop into a decent corner but the team has a lot of young guys like Allen, Lewis, and Brown behind him that are pushing him for time. Looking at what was asked of him all year Ike was never handed the starting job. He earned it. If he is as horrible as you say he is then you would be able to name one other person that has taken advantage of him. Also take a look at the defensive scheme we used in denver. 8 in the box, man coverage on the out side, no safety help. I under stand your frustration with Ike(trust me I share it) but he’s not out of it yet

  2. Ron, I agree with you. Gay has improved, but he is not a CB; he is best as a nickel. Cortez Allen and Kennan Lewis are both going to start at some point during 2012. As for Ike, I know where you’re coming from; Denver was not his best hour. However, during the regular season he consistently took on the best of the opposing team, game after game. And he’s our tallest CB in a league with increasingly tall receivers. I think Ike’s job is secure for another year. And the entire secondary will look much better if and when the D-line can put some pressure on the QB.

  3. I have to disagree with Ron’s assessment of Ike as well. One game does not define a corner…even if it is a playoff game. Tom Landry used to say next to QB, CB was the most difficult position to master on the field. I get argument from my ex-corner son when I say “a perfect route and perfect pass, there is no defense…a great corner takes advantage of the imperfections”. Every corner gets beat sometimes. We saw a couple festivals on “Revis Island” this year. It comes with the job of covering some of the fastest and shiftiest guys on the planet… when they know where they are going and you don’t. Guys with the experience and ability to read and anticipate like Ike improve your odds…but there are no guarantees in this game. This is the NFL, the other guys have skills too, sometimes you WILL see the perfect pass meet the perfect route. Hopefully you get the drop or a holding call.

    Having said all that, Ike…you had a S&%T game at a bad time, a very bad time. In your role on this team, we can’t have that. This is your one.

    Lewis, Gay, Mundy(except that 1 play), C. Allen, Brown…Great job guys. The future is bright. Ike is still 1 , Lewis should takeover the 2, with Gay in the 3. I like Cortez Allen backing up the outside corners and Brown backing up the slot. Mundy and Cromartie backing up the safeties looks good too. I’ll take this secondary to war against any passing game in the league. We’ll need it against Brees and the Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome next year.

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