Saturday the NFL announced who would be and who wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. While the Steelers will have a presence in the ceremonies with Jack Butler and Dermontti Dawson, the team also missed out on Jerome Bettis, the teams iconic running back and possibly the most popular player in team history.

Chris Bach wrote at piece on our mothership, about the Bus, and who he feels that Bettis does NOT belong in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s the first part of the piece.

I don’t put much weight into Super Bowls when considering who should get in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is an individual award, and – while your production is often dependent on teammates -, you shouldn’t put too much weight on Super Bowls because they are often out of a players’ hands.

I view the 1990s Steelers the same way I view the 2000s Cowboys. Great franchises with plenty of good players in those eras, but probably only two worthy Hall of Famers from each group. Rod Woodson absolutely deserved to be in the Hall of Famer, – so did Dermontti Dawson – and I think Carnell Lake should be considered, and Demarcus Ware and Jason Witten are worthy, too.

Jerome Bettis’ best sell for the Hall of Fame, however, is that he is 5th all-time in rushing yards. Unfortunately, that is just not enough for me.

He was in the top 5 for rushing yards just three times in 13 seasons, never placing above 3rd. Jamal Lewis was top 5 twice (including #1 in 2003), Clinton Portis was in the top 5 four times, and Ahman Green was top 5 twice (including #2 in 2003).

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