Big Blow in the North – Ravens Lose LB Suggs for 2012

Hey Terrell, how’s the old Achilles feeling these days?

If you haven’t heard, Ravens loudmouth linebacker Terrell Suggs is likely out for the coming season after he suffered a torn Achilles tendon.

How he was hurt is a little sketchy. ESPN and Adam Schefter are claiming that Suggs injured himself while playing basketball. While Aaron Wilson is reporting that Suggs did it while working out.

Either way, it’s huge news to the AFC North, and agree with it or not, it’s good news for the Steelers.

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15 Comments on "Big Blow in the North – Ravens Lose LB Suggs for 2012"

  1. COuldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I am glad he is hurt and feel no remorse in saying i hope he never plays again. I will even say i hope he gets a staph infection and they end up having to amputate his leg.

  2. Huge blow for sure, it won’t be easy to replace but i’m condifent in the young guys to help make up the loss

  3. @Mike, That is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE thing to say. I really hope you are not a Steeler fan, because people like you make the rest of us look bad. You sound like many Raven fans I know.

    Now, moving on to the point, Thuggs is a HUGE game changer. Will I be happy not to see him for the season? Yes! Absolutely. He is a thorn in our side every time we meet the Ravens. Do I hope that he never wears lilac and black again? Absolutely. But not due to a career ending injury. I just hope there is proof that he violated his NFL contract by playing basketball….lol. But even then, I don’t think Raven management is stupid enough to get rid of him for it. I can hope though.

    Now, if he pushes it and comes back too soon just to prove a point, where I stand changes immensely. If that time comes and his ego puts him out on the field before the injury has completely healed, he has whatever comes to him. Career ending or not.

  4. Fuck off Angle. I hope you blow your achilles out too…

  5. Angie, I applaud both your moral judgment and your courage. Your point is well made. Celebrating the news of a serious injury to an opponent is not acceptable in sport at any level. Such incivility here reflects poorly on all Steelers fans. If the facts were reversed, we would be outraged if Mr. Crowley, a rabid Ravens fan, made similar remarks about an injury to one of our stars. Let’s keep the rivalry and the comments positive.

    Frankly, I think our Steelers would prefer to beat the Ravens at their best, with Suggs in the lineup (loud mouth and all). You can only become the best by beating the best. So let’s hope Suggs gets well, so we won’t have to listen to a bunch of lame excuses out of Balitmore when we sweep the series this year.

  6. @Mike, you are the kind of Steeler fan Raven fans throw in my face all the time. Frankly, I am tired of defending such idiots. The good news is, there are Raven fans with the same attitudes as you show here.

    @Dr. George, with our OL beefed up this year, I would rather play the Ravens at their best. Living in Baltimore and working at a Raven’s Roost bar I will hear a lot of “you didn’t beat us at our best”. I HATE that comment. One man does not make a team. And that same sentiment did not work for me….lol.

    • Angie , youre dead on the money with your comments . As a lifelong Steeler fan going back to the late seventies , Ive never cheered for another player to get seriously hurt . While I hate the ground the Ravens walk on , I dont want to see any player go down with what is usually a year long injury . Bottom line , its a game people , its not life and death . As far as the Mikes of the world ,they’re a dime a dozen . Everytime they open they’re mouth , they show just how truly ignorant they really are .

  7. I love all of the sanctimonious, self-righteous Steeler fans on here. The yinzzers are so hypocritical it makes me laugh. I am happy Suggs is hurt. Why? It helps the Steelers. I hope Suggs never plays again. Why? It helps the Steelers. As to me being upset about comments if the shoe was on the other achilles? Why would I? Its life. Stop being so sensitive and judgemental.

    No I don’t have a Vilma jersey but trust me, that sort of stuff goes on in almest every locker room in the NFL. The Saints were just stupid enough to get caught and then even more stoopid by lying about it once they got caught.

    • Mike, this is one of the occasions in which I agree with you. Upon learning of T-Sizzles injury, I celebrated with a joyous high five. Anytime one of the Ravens go down, I am happy. No I am not a typical yinzer, but I am a fan of my Steelers. Any edge that helps the Steelers is a good thing. Do you not think every other team was happy when Ben was suspended… Of course they were happy because their team did not have to go up against an elite player. Injuries are apart of the game, every team has them and needs to adapt to them. I am sure Big Ben was more than thrilled to learn that Thuggs wouldn’t be chasing him down this year. Lastly Mike, I think you can use a little more class and sophistication when writing in this forum. There is no need for vulgar and offensive language with your deposition.

  8. But i like to be fucking vulgar. Its part of my charm…

  9. Suggs should use time off to get himself some man teeth. He has little girl teeth!!

  10. Hahaha fuck suggs, fuck the ravens! Dude needs to get those ugly gums fixed, one ugly motherfucker.

  11. Not happy about this. I like beating the Ravens when they have a FULL and HEALTHY squad. Yes, that means Suggs. I want to see David DeCastro fire out and mash that guy into the turf this season.

    There is less glory in beating a depleted team.

  12. Stay classy shittsburgh

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