Colbert Tells ESPN “Wallace Not Available For Trade”

As soon as Antonio Brown inked his new five-year deal, the rumor mill started to churn that the Steelers would look for a trade partner for wide out Mike Wallace, who is remaining at home today holding out.

On Saturday, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert spoke about the new deal with Brown, but also shot down rumors that Wallace is on the trade block. Colbert told Ed Werder of ESPN, “Mike Wallace is not available for trade.”

Smart move by Colbert to shoot the rumors down right away, or if not you know that teams would be calling, and also the local and national stations and papers would continue to insist that Wallace would be on the move.

Again Colbert played it right. At the end of the day, Wallace is going to show up. Bottom line. He really has no choice.

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  • Ben Dover

    Trade Wallace to the Oakland Raiders, they are always looking for whiny miscreants, and they will offer allot of first round draft picks for them.

    He isn’t a team player, and since the Steelers already have Ben Roethlisberger, they can’t afford to have that type of player on their team when they are trying to win championships, they’re bad for team chemistry.

  • SBSteelers

    I agree. Good move by Colbert. We already know nobody is going to pay Wallace the cash Arizona gave Larry Fitzgerald. If they were, who ever that GM is/was had plenty of time to do so already. And no trade deals to the Steelers liking have been tendered either or that would have been done probably before the draft. So all-in-all, as you said, Wallace is stuck. He has to sign sooner or later if he wants a paycheck and to show off his skills for future considerations. If he sits out the season he’d destroy any chance he thinks he has of getting a Fitzgerald contract. If his absence from training camp shows anything, it is his lack of character, believing the poor advice from his agent, and his immaturity.

  • Henry G

    Wallace is a great player and has great skills but if he’s going to whine then they should trade him and get what they can for him. I understand he has out played his contract but he should exercise some patients and stop listening to his agent and friends. His value isn’t that high and he can be replaced.

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