Joey Porter, Willie Parker, Aaron Smith and Marvel Smith All Return to Retire as Steelers Players

They always come home.

That seems to always be the case for past Steelers players, as Friday night no less than four former Steelers joined the team one last time to announce their retirement.

Joey Porter, Willie Parker, Aaron Smith and Marvel Smith all retired as Steelers before the team’s annual night practice.

“This is home. Even when I left — it was OK to go and play for Miami and Arizona … but there’s nothing like home,” Porter told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Pittsburgh — once you come through here — it’s a special piece in your heart here, in Pittsburgh.That void wouldn’t have been filled if I didn’t come back and retire as a Steeler.”

“It’s finishing off where I started at,” Parker said. “The six years of my life were the best years I ever had. Meeting some of the greatest people and greatest athletes … being a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers is something no one can ever take away from me.”

It didn’t stop Parker from at one point in the 2008 season complaining that the team wasn’t running the ball enough. Nevertheless, the Steelers, as they always do, welcomed him back with open arms at the practice.

It’s always tough to say good-bye, but these players did it the right way. They did it the Steeler Way.

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4 Comments on "Joey Porter, Willie Parker, Aaron Smith and Marvel Smith All Return to Retire as Steelers Players"

  1. That is so great to see. Guys coming back to rejoin the Steelers family.

    Alot of things have changes since the Steelers of the ’70’s started to retire. I can’t say I remember departed players making it a point to return and retire with the team like this though.

    This has been a great run over the past decade, hopefully its not over, but it will come to an end so we have enjoy it while we have it.

  2. Thanks for the memories!!!!

  3. Well said, guys. Great Steelers all.

    Except for Harrison replacing Porter, we still haven’t replaced the talent level these guys brought to town. Let’s hope we can at least get close to that level this year at these positions.

  4. WestCoastSteelerFan | August 5, 2012 at 1:57 am | Reply

    Free days pro bowlers get handed away to multiple
    Teams..back then STARS stayd @ home.. Love the decisions

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