Wallace’s Trainer Says WR Coming to Steelers Camp Soon

Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is training extensively in Florida and likely will report to Steelers training camp in the near future, Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

This according to the conditioning coach who has been working out the receiver for the past two weeks.

“He’s fast as lightning right now,” said Tom Shaw, who works with players such as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor at the Disney Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Fla. “He’s not going to put himself in a bad situation (conditioning-wise) so that he couldn’t play in the first game.”

Shaw also said on Friday that the unsigned Wallace “is lifting, running, jumping, catching the ball — the same things he would be doing if he were in camp, except not he’s not getting hit.”

Shaw said Wallace won’t talk to the media until he reports to camp, which, he said, “has got to be pretty soon. (The Steelers) aren’t just going to let him sit out there.”

Wallace is remaining silent, Shaw said, “because he gets mad when people write things that are totally false. He doesn’t want a $100 million contract, a $50 million contract. He’s never told anybody that. He knows the Steelers aren’t talking, and he’s not talking.”

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3 Comments on "Wallace’s Trainer Says WR Coming to Steelers Camp Soon"

  1. He should show up and work his tail off, and he will be rewarded. DON”T go down the Holmes path by going to an insignificant organization with a mediocre QB and an unstable organization! If he went on the free market, he will get his money, but from an organization that is desperate and no shot of good things!

  2. Trade him now before he becomes a poison to the team.

    Look at the way the Penguins handled the Jordan Staal situation, they got as much for him as they could after he rejected the Penguins best offer –the same deal he signed with Carolina– because they didn’t want to lose him with nothing in return, and because of the distraction his presence could have caused.

    Get him out of here, the Steelers have a chance of getting to another Super Bowl, they don’t need this whiner around distracting the rest of the team from their goal.

  3. The bottom line in the Mike Wallace holdout is this , no player dictates policy to the Steelers , I repeat , no one . Guys such as Joe Greene and Franco Harris tried it years ago , and guess what ? It didnt work back then either . Wallace has overestimated his worth to the team and unless he reports to camp the long term contract will never happen . He has not only angered his head coach , but hes angered the Rooney’s and thats something you simply dont do . At the end of the day , Wallace is in a no win situation , but unfortunately he cant see it . All he sees is dollar signs .

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