Tomlin’s Post Game Comments Following the Win Over the Bengals

Opening Remarks: That was a big AFC North road victory for us. Guys did what was necessary. Obviously we were playing without a few guys. I liked the contributions of the men that stepped up in their place. It was what was needed. Hopefully we can build upon it is what we talked about in there. We got ourselves in a hole; the first thing we have to do is stop digging. We did that tonight. We’ll review this tape tomorrow and continue to push forward. Now we have to build on it. It looks like we came through this game relatively injury free. Adrian Robinson may have a concussion; he is being evaluated for that. Other than that we are pretty clean from an injury standpoint, which is good. Will Allen turned his ankle, doesn’t appear to be significant.

Re: Heath Miller

Heath gives us consistent effort and performance on a week in and week out basis. Sometimes when we are victorious it gets highlighted, as it should. His performance tonight is in line with what he has done for us all year.

Can you talk about having LaMarr Woodley back and the interception?

It was a big play for us but we would like to think they all are capable of delivering those types of plays. He was the man in that instance. Obviously LaMarr Woodley in a helmet assists us in our effort and it was good to have him back out there.

Was this a bounce back game for Ike Taylor?

I will let you guys be the judge of that. We played winning football. He was a part of that. He did what we asked him to do. It was good overall team effort in all three phases.

Re: Offensive line and guys stepping in

Fortunately and unfortunately those guys, although they aren’t starters they are experienced. We played a lot of ball over the last few years with Doug Legursky. Arrow is pointed up with Mike Adams. We are optimistic about what he is capable of being. It wasn’t a situation where we went into it with negative thoughts. We were excited about watching those guys play and seeing what they were capable of doing, particularly Mike Adams. They answered the bell as they should. They are capable men. We were able to have a good, well-rounded attack on offense running and throwing.

Can you talk about the defense holding A.J. Green?

Big time ball for us. Like we said it was a collective effort. Rush, coverage, Dick (LeBeau) called a good game. He mixed in some zones. It was necessary to get us out of there.

Talk about the penalties and the turnovers, do they make it harder on your club?

That is the nature of NFL football. When you are highly penalized and turn the ball over you are going to put yourself behind the eight ball. But the guys didn’t blink. They didn’t. It’s a testament to them. We were able to settle down and get our jobs done.

Re: Mike Wallace

The tape is the tape. He’s got to catch the ball in a consistent manner. He didn’t do it tonight. We’ll get back to work tomorrow and hopefully he will be better next week.

Was there confusion on the two-point conversion?

We wanted to take a time out and we are allowed to do that by rule. He said that we weren’t. I guess he assumed we were the team that took the time out prior to us wanting to take the time out. The Cincinnati Bengals took that time out so we should have been given that time out. But we weren’t. The guys didn’t blink. They executed and got the two points.

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3 Comments on "Tomlin’s Post Game Comments Following the Win Over the Bengals"

  1. I dont want to toot my own horn, but…
    October 21, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Here we go Steelers!!!

    Phrase of the day: cause turnovers!!
    The offense should be able to put up around 24-30 tonight. If the defense can get atleast two turnovers, it should equal a win tonight

    … solid win and solid Steelers football in the second half. I am still very concerned with the run defense though. Casey gets blown off the line routinely along with Hood not being able to shut down his side either. It was very frustrating to watch the Bengals in the first half run right down our throats, constantly challenging us and beating us with the run. This run defense is a far cry from what it used to be.
    Also the receivers, as dynamic as they are, have had a hell of a time trying to hold onto the ball this year.
    Some positives though; decent pressure on Dalton due to the great pass coverage all night. I like the cover 2 defense we seemed to run a bit last night. Having the safety help definitely goes a long way with our CBs. Going into the game I was scared of how bad Green would beat us.
    The o-line looked pretty solid and starting to gel together…. I do have a question that someone here might be able to answer. It seems like DeCastro will be coming back shortly… will he be automatically inserted into the starting offense or will he be eased in? Foster has played well enough to start, but DeCastro is a special talent that cant be riding the bench. Knowing our luck with the o-line, even if DC doesnt start hel be forced into starting soon enough with all the injuries we get.
    Overall, good game… its nice to be cautiously optimistic after this one. I do feel though that this team can stay in the race and get hot late in the year and make a run at getting deep into the playoffs. Every year theres a team that does it. If the defense can start causing TOs with consistency, than I dont see why not. But we have to take it one week at a time, so enjoy the win for now and lets look towards RG3 and Washington.
    I live near DC, so I have a special interest in this game, I would love nothing more than to go out and crush the skins, so we can go out and shut up all the radio hosts… They all seem to have a weird vendetta against everything Pittsburgh

  2. The O-line finally had a decent game, so why mess with the chemistry?
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    On the field, Foster has outplayed DeCastro. “Special talent” or not, DeCastro has a lot to learn, and he said himself that he needs to get stronger. The last time we saw him play, he was getting pushed around badly by Buffalo. My preference would be to start Foster the rest of the year, and let DeCastro substitute on occasion to gain experience while he strengthens the knee and his upper body.

    The more interesting question is whether to replace Legursky with Pouncey when he is recovered. Pouncey is an All-Pro and widely heralded as one of the best Centers in the game. But Legursky has played well in his stead, and the O-line has performed better with Legursky at center than when Pouncey was healthy. Even if that is just a coincidence, why not let Legursky start for another week and give Pouncey more time to recoup?

    No doubt DeCastro and Pouncey will be starters again, probably sooner rather than later, but why rush them back on the field and risk a second, perhaps more serious injury to either of them?

  3. Ill tell you something, when Legursky is playing Center the level of play is much higher than when he plays guard. Imagine a world with Pouncey at LG? Anyway, food for thought since I’ve never been a person who wants to weaken two positions in an effort to strengthen one. But Legs has played well at center in the games he has started and that includes a playoff game and a Super Bowl. Legursky doesnt get to the second level as well or fast as Pouncey but his point of contact,at least at center, is solid. Yes, Pouncey is the stud center but Legs plays hard and you have to like having someone like that. I liken it to when Chris Hoke played when Casey Hampton missed time. Same thing to me.

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