NFL Officials to Talk to WR Sanders About “Cramps” in Win Over Bengals

It seemed a little fishy when it happened, and now the NFL wants to talk to Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders about it.

The incident – the reported “leg cramps” that sent Sanders to the ground in Cincinnati two Sunday nights ago when the Steelers rallied from 11 down to beat the Bengals 24-17.

Sanders confirmed today that he is going to meet with NFL officials to discuss the fourth-quarter leg cramp.

The receiver continues to state that he nothing wrong when he suddenly dropped to the ground with the Steelers holding on to the seven-point lead.

Officials stopped play after Sanders laid down on the turf and NBC announcers suggested the third-year receiver was faking it so the Steelers didn’t have to burn a timeout.

Sanders sat out one play, taking in a small amount of fluids while team doctors massaged his calf, before returning. He says the cramp was sudden but disappeared quickly after receiving medical attention.

He says he’s not sure when he’ll meet with officials, but since the Steelers are in NY this weekend, one would think it would be in the next few days.

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  • DrGeorge

    Sanders sudden cramp and quick recovery did look fishy at the time, and a meeting with league officials was almost certain after the sportscasters called attention to it. But in the Steelers defense (a weak defense, I’ll admit), bogus injuries to save a time out have become epidemic in the NFL. The real solution is not to pick on individuals, but to amend the rules to remove the incentive.

  • Dave B.

    The bottom line is , if youre going to do it , dont be obvious about it . Youre laying flat on your back on the field and sixty seconds later youre running like a gazelle . Sanders needs some acting lessons .

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