Tomlin Wins in a Landslide the Title of “Coach Most NFL Players Would Like to Play For”

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin may still make some mistakes (see Sunday’s fake field goal), but that didn’t stop 103 NFL players from voting him as the coach most players would like to play for.

Sporting News’ network of NFL correspondents asked 103 players from 27 teams the subject, and Tomlin crushed everyone else in a landslide, beating Pats coach Bill Belichick by 21 votes.

Here’s the top Five in the voting:

1. Mike Tomlin, Steelers 31
2. Bill Belichick, Patriots 10
3. Pete Carroll, Seahawks 6
4. Jim Harbaugh, 49ers 6
5. Lovie Smith, Bears 6

Players were quoted for the piece, and here’s two of them that gave quotes, the first being Falcons safety William Moore – “Mike Tomlin. He’s a hard charger.”

“Mike Tomlin. What I liked about him the most is that he’s very up front and honest with you. You kind of always know where you stand with him—good, bad or indifferent. You appreciate the honesty of knowing where you stand. And the other thing would be that he just kind of always says the right thing, whether it’s to you, the group, the media. Once again, whether it’s good, bad, he just kind of says the right thing. He’s got that knack.” — NFC offensive player who formerly played for Tomlin in Pittsburgh

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