Steelers to Work Out QB’s to Backup Batch Sunday in Cleveland

It will be a very busy day Tuesday for the Steelers, as they will not only work out former wide out Plaxico Burress, but also a couple QB’s that could possibly be the backup for Charlie Batch Sunday.

One QB coming in for a workout is former Michigan State quarterback Brian Hoyer. He was for awhile on the Patriots roster, which makes him being in good company having worked with Tom Brady.

A second QB coming in is former Eagles backup QB Mike Kafka. He played in four games for the Eagles last season, and was also on their roster back in the 2010 season.

Neither Hoyer or Kafka has started in an NFL regular-season game.

The need for a backup is huge considering the team has injuries to not only starter Ben Roethlisberger but also the starter from Sunday nights loss to the Ravens – Byron Leftwich.

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  • Dave B.

    This season is very quickly turning into a nightmare . Everytime Ben goes down with an injury , the team turns to Leftwich who promptly goes down with an injury of his own . Then at last , they turn to old reliable Charlie Batch who comes in to save the day . The Steelers need to move Batch up the depth chart to number 2 and either move Leftwich down or better yet just move him out all together .

  • DrGeorge

    This illustrates the short-sightedness of failing to develop a young QB instead of carrying old and fragile ones. I don’t dislike Leftwich or C. Batch. But the team should never have been reduced to options such as this. Even if we had kept and developed Jerrod Johnson, we would be better off today than we are.

  • Maurice

    They never should have cut Jerrod Johnson

  • Maurice

    Glad Dixon decided to stay ravens hell he is just like Byron always hurt

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