Chargers vs Steelers Week 14 Inactives

Chargers: T Jeromey Clary, TE LaDarius Green, DT Antonio Garay, LB Donald Butler, G Tyronne Green, WR Eddie Royal, T Mike Harris

Steelers: QB Byron Leftwich, CB Ike Taylor, DE Al Woods, RB Rashard Mendenhall, T Mike Adams, OL John Malecki, LB LaMarr Woodley

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Matt Loede
Matt Loede has been in the sports media for over 16 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and of course, the National Football League. On NFL Sunday’s you can hear Matt on National networks like Fox Sports Radio, Associated Press, and other stations around the country. Matt also joined The Washington Post in 2009 as a guest columnist on league hot topics. Born and raised in Cleveland, Matt studies and talks football inside and out, and is anxious to share his thoughts and comments with readers on a daily basis.

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  1. Tomlin has go to go… Coming off a win like that last week and to have your team this poorly prepared and “up” for this game is unacceptable!

    • Matt,
      Thanks for honoring the request of a blogger! Whether you feel me and my posts are meek, absurdly arrogant or anywhere in between doesn’t ingratiate you as a reputable host in professionalism by ignoring a repeated request after an honestly admitted mistake on (my) end! I thought you’d be the bigger person here being the proprietor of this site but I guess favoritism will always abound in myopia!

  2. This a texting session between me and fellow grabber, Mark:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: John Sabo
    Date: Sunday, December 9, 2012
    To: Jay Sabo

    Me: I’m caught up. This is garbage football so far… Get rid of Troy they played better on d when he was injured!

    Mark: Our offense looks bad

    Me: Now we have to listen to suk nance and Simms!

    Mark: I hate them

    Me: This offense sux! Shame on Pittsburgh for this performance!

    Mark: Horrid

    Me: This patchwork o line sd had and they still can’t get to rivers?!?! Wallace shoulda had that pass earlier and now he holds!!! Fuk him! Wallace can’t get out of town fast enough! I hate him!

    Mark: Just said same thing! Hate

    Me: Receivers great hands! I told you that would happen! Man U were dreaming when you said Pitt would score 30 points! This team is a lost cause this year!

    Mark: Sure was! This team is poor and they are a lost cause!

    Me: This o line looks like it used to , like shit!

    Mark: Entire offense stinks

    Me: Has all year!

    Mark: This is crippling

    Me: Wow can’t get a yard!

    Mark: suck!

    Me: Second and ten riethlisberger? Have another drink Jim.

    Mark: nance blows and so do the steelers!

    Me: Where’s the all important Troy!

    Mark: This team peaked last week

    Me:Now he’s hurt again!

    Mark: who cares!

    Me: They play better without him! How come Simms doesn’t talk Bout how ill prepared they are!

    Mark: No penalties on chargers yet

    Me: Brown and Allen suk! We need a turnover! Garbage all the way Round!

    Mark: They blow, last week is a memory! I’m leaving, can’t watch this shit

    Me: I love how brown tried to pik it up!

    Sent from my iPhone

    Tomlin, if you’re reading, go fuck yourself and get outta Pittsburgh! I guess you’ll “own” this one…. Very noble of you! Too bad your X’s and O’s knowledge is garbage! If you’re known for getting ur team up for a game and you can’t even do that, what good are you?!

    • Matt, please remove this post as the cyberspace exchange erroneously put my email up there. Thank you!

      • No Matt, the post where mark and I exchange texts where it has my email at the top; the long text exchange post (I.e., me: …., mark:…..) needs deleted as I would prefer my email not be published. It is my fault it went up as I mentioned earlier that the cyberspace exchange was an erroneous oversight on my part. I’m sure mark would like his post reposted by the way.

        Thank you.

        • Matt,
          The December 9th at 5:26 pm is the one to delete. Thanks. Mark tells me that none of his new posts aren’t being posted?!?! I hope this isn’t passive aggression toward a couple of guys who happen to tell it like it is.

  3. This is yet another over-reaction. I will agree, the Steelers were out played against a struggling Chargers team. Not having Ike was crucial to the success of third down conversions for San Diego. Lebeau really should have made the adjustments, it was obvious on third down the Chargers were going to cross the receivers, and time again they converted. Unfortunately games like these happen, I fully expect the Steelers to look better next week in Dallas. All hope is not lost yet. It’s easy to blame Tomlin but the players still need to execute. Foster has struggled these past few weeks, I believe it’s time to see what DeCastro can do. Even if he is close to healthy, then start him. Thankfully Baltimore and Cincinnati lost. Who would have guessed Cleveland would be the only team to get a win in our division.

  4. I think that there’s Locker Room problems you tell it on the sidelines some players are going there own way !!!

  5. American Veteran | December 10, 2012 at 2:17 am | Reply

    Bill Cowher please come back.

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