While the dates won’t be known for about four months, we do know who the Steelers will play in 2013, and we know one of the games will be played overseas in London.

Here’s the home opponents for 2013:

Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago, Detroit and Tennessee.

Out of the 8, at most three will be playoff teams, with those being the Ravens, Bengals and possibly the Bears based on some outcomes Sunday. Buffalo and Miami finished 2nd and 4th in the AFC East, while the Titans, who the Steelers lost against in Tennessee this season, finished third in the AFC South. The Lions, who were a playoff team in 2011, come into Sunday 4-11.

On the road, you have the following:

Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New England, New York Jets, Green Bay, Oakland and Minnesota (Vikings game will be played in London).

Of those 8, as many as five could be in the postseason, again based on Sunday with the Vikings and Bears fighting for a playoff spot in the NFC.

The Steelers haven’t played in NJ vs the Jets in some time, while they haven’t played in New England since the Super Bowl year of 2008. They have been awful vs the Raiders on the road the last few meetings dating back to 2006, including a loss this past season on the games last play. The Steelers will play their first London regular season game when they play Minnesota overseas sometime in October.

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