As a Steeler for life, how would you feel seeing Bill Cowher back on the sidelines?

It could happen, as “the Chin” as he was known as throughout his 15 seasons in Pittsburgh, didn’t rule out coming back to a NFL sideline at some point.

“It would be a challenge,” Cowher told Newsday, “but I think that’s probably why I would get back into it, because of the challenge.”

The former Steelers coach was a hot topic to head back to the NFL sidelines a year after he left, as even one of his former players, Jerome Bettis, at one point said Cowher would be a fit in New York with the Giants.

Since then, every year his name seems to come up about going back to the sidelines, but it hasn’t happened.

“I did it for 27 years. You don’t just forget things overnight,” Cowher said. “One thing about this job is it’s been really good, because it allows me to study the game and do features on the game. I want to know what I’m talking about, so I’m watching tape. It’s not like I’m out of it. I know how the game is changing.”

We shall see if it is in Cowher’s future to once again be back on a NFL sideline at some point in the future.

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