Todd Haley Needs A Lot To Leave Pittsburgh For Arizona

Everyone seems to be on hold waiting to hear if Todd Haley is going to be offered the head coaching job with the Cardinals.

Just reading in between the lines, it doesn’t really sound like a good fit, and the Post-Gazette reports that Haley seems to himself think it would take an awful lot to leave the Steel City.

What chance does Todd Haley have to be hired as head coach by the Arizona Cardinals?

Well, maybe not a good one, based on the demands Haley made to the Cardinals during his interview last week.

I have been told that Haley told Cardinals owner Mike Bidwill what he wanted and what he needed to become their head coach. And he set the asking price very high.

Haley apparently did this because he is happy in his role as offensive coordinator with the Steelers and doesn’t want to leave unless an offer is almost too good to pass up.

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  • Black&gold4life

    Sounds like a Mike Wallace Move..maybe they have the same agent

  • Tod i hope you stay with pittsburgh.It would be nice to see your work come to fruition. Help bring another Lombardi to the steel city.I would like to see you endear yourself to the steeler fans for a long time to come.One season isnt enough.Its not always about the money.

  • SBSteelers

    Just read the Rooney family gave Haley their vote of confidence today. I have to wonder why? Haley has been an OC long enough albeit in different organizations. The offensive production compared to last season took a large step – in the wrong direction. What areas of improvement did the Rooney family think Haley made? It is not obvious and injuries are always an issue every season for every team. It’s not a matter of if, but when the injury bug strikes. There will always be injuries. So, I’m preempting that as an excuse.

    I’m beginning to think Haley’s “system” was designed so that if it didn’t work, then it was because he’s the “new” OC and it’s complicated. And if it did work, well he’s the genius – ie, he can’t lose. Haley’s track record isn’t stellar either. The Cardinals won with Kurt Warner and lost without Kurt Warner. The Steelers had their worst running game in a long time under Haley’s leadership though there were at least several games where Haley seemed to just give up on the run game even if the results were decent.

    I just don’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling the offense is headed or will be headed in the Super Bowl direction under Todd Haley. At least not yet.

  • mark proctor

    Big ben is not happy with him. The steelers do not need him. Todd is an poor OC. Just look at KC and his other teams. bring cower back for the OC job. If the Steelers keep him being Todd they will get some good draft pick by being 6-10 next year.

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