It sounds like Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the only Steeler willing to re-work his deal to try and keep the team competitive and save them money.

Reports from Ed Bouchette at the Post-Gazette reports is the club is talking to LB Lawrence Timmons about reworking his deal and it sounds like something will get announced by the end of the week.

Timmons has a lot left on his deal, as he has a total of four years left and is scheduled to make $5.3 million this next season. Bouchette says that the way the Steelers could do it is they may convert some of the money, say $4 mil, into a bonus, that way Timmons wouldn’t actually lose anything the the Steelers would save on the cap.

It’s a known fact if the Steelers are going to stay competitive this next season, players are going to have to take cuts, or be gone.

The club is going to talk to free agent wide receiver Steve Breaston later this week, and some of the savings could be offered to him when he comes to Pittsburgh, thanks in part to Timmons and Roethlisberger.

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