McLendon Gets A Low Tender, As Does Redmen And Dwyer

While many are still smarting from the move to release James Harrison, the Black and Gold today placed a couple of tenders on restricted free agents.

The club placed a low tender on nose tackle Steve McLendon, who should replace free agent Casey Hampton in the middle of the Steelers line.

The Steelers tender on McLendon is for $1.3 million. Some felt the team would put a second-round tender on McLendon, which would have been $2 million.

The team also put tenders on running backs Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman.

Both players get low tenders, also $1.3 million. The Steelers would get a sixth-round pick as compensation if they lose Dwyer to another team and no compensation for Redman because he was undrafted.

As of now, the team is about $3.4 mil under the salary cap.

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  1. The low tenders reflect (obviously enough) management’s belief that no other team will offer more. Because no compensation would be due for Redman, I see him as the one most attractive to another team. The salary cap game is like high-stakes poker, with a certain amount of posturing and bluffing. To the NFL, the object is to force the haves in the NFL to cut loose veteran talent so the have-nots can remain quasi-competitive.

    However, it is my intuitive sense (I’ve seen no studies to confirm this) that the teams who most rely on bolstering their rosters with high priced veterans are the ones on the bottom of the league standings. The better teams, like the Steelers, seem dedicated to building through the draft. Has anyone seen anything credible to support or refute my intuition?

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