WR Emmanuel Sanders Hasn’t Gotten An Offer From Pats Yet

For the last 24 hours Steelers fans and the team has been waiting to see if the Patriots were going to follow though with an offer sheet to restricted free-agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

The two sides met in New England on Friday, and many felt the Pats would give him an offer after they dumped Brandon Lloyd on Saturday.

Sanders was tendered at a third-round and is due to make $1.3 million in Pittsburgh this year, and the Steelers will have issues matching if Sanders gets a big deal.

Bob Labriola of Steelers Digest reports GM Kevin Colbert said the Steelers haven’t gotten an offer sheet from New England on Sanders yet.

That doesn’t mean it’s not coming, but for now, Sanders is still a member of the black and gold until further notice.

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  • DrGeorge

    Keeping Sanders is not a high priority. Not that he hasn’t been effective when healthy, but he is slight or build and injury prone. More to the point, his talents can be replaced rather easily.

    The Steelers must rebuild their D and find a solid left OT. Notice how Irsay spent his money at Indy: OT Cherilus recently got $34 million to protect Luck, and the D line got two major upgrades. The cash-strapped Steelers have been unable to play the free agent game and several first tier veterans have passed through free agency without a look from us. That story is far more significant (with respect to our prospects in 2013) than whether we can resign Sanders, because we can’t fill all of our needs through the draft.

    As I mentioned in an earlier note, it is far too early to criticize the front office. They are following a plan the team can afford. But I would expect to see two or three key acquisitions, before the draft, in our crucial areas of need. Those key additions will cost money, and the loss of Sanders may be part of the price.

    • George H

      Word is that the Steelers made a run at Jake Long before he signed with STL. How serious of a run we had it him is unknown, though it does show a sign that the Steelers might be uncomfortable with Adams and Gilbert as our starting tackles. Maybe we will see another reunion with Max Starks…

      As far as Sanders is concerned, he is a nice option when healthy and barely making over 1 million this season is a nice addition. If the Steelers obtain a third round pick for him it wouldnt be a bad thing, however the the wr corps is already pretty thin and losing Sanders and his experience would undoubtedly hurt.

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