Steelers Match Patriots Offer To Keep WR Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders

The Steelers have announced they will be keeping WR Emmanuel Sanders, as they have matched the restricted free agents offer of a one-year deal for $2.5 million to the New England Patriots.

Keeping Sanders means the Steelers don’t get the Patriots’ third-round pick as compensation.

The Steelers tendered Sanders at his “original round” level (i.e. the round in which he was drafted). The tender came with a salary of $1.323 million, so the Patriots’ interest helped Sanders nearly double his salary for the 2013 season.

“Glad the business side is out of the way,” Sanders posted on Twitter. “Now it’s back to playing football and bringing (Super Bowl trophy) No. 7 back to Pittsburgh.”

The Steelers current wide out core includes Antonio Brown, Plaxico Burress, Jerricho Cotchery, David Gilreath and now Sanders.

Sanders has 1,290 yards receiving and five touchdowns in three seasons, but the Patriots projected using him on the outside, where he is expected to play with the Steelers.

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8 Comments on "Steelers Match Patriots Offer To Keep WR Emmanuel Sanders"

  1. I’m telling you it’s a mistake… Sanders is soft like Wallace and now they gonna have to lock him up or else he walks next year. His asking price is gonna be high because of just that. Another thing is, although I know it does happen around the league, a QB or anyone for that matter should not be able to talk the FO into big decisions like this… Makes me question Steelers brass right now.

    • Yeah I’m not liking the decision much either. I’d rather have the 3rd round pick and let Sanders go. I’m sure he will pay tough for us this year, but I still dont like his injury history. Also if he does perform well, then thats great that he was productive for us, but its just gonna drive up his price and he will most definitely walk away in the free agency.

      I think he already has one foot in NE already and now his mind wont be completely in Pittsburgh this season. This also stems from a tweet he posted the other day when he said “Ugh, I hate the business side of football…” To me he just wants some sympathy votes so when he leaves Pittsburgh he wont hurt anyones feelings. I called BS on that tweet and snarkily responded to his tweet “I’m sure you dont hate that cool 4 mil the Pats are gonna pay you.” To my great surprise, Sanders actually responded to me saying “Its not all about the money bro..” Well then why did he sign his tender with NE? If he wanted to stay in Pittsburgh and money wasnt a big deal for him this season, then why sign the tender? Ive always been a Sanders fan but Im starting to question his overall mentality and on-field effectiveness. At some point he has to grow up from and stop living off his potential and start being more consistent and productive.

    • Steeler Mafia | April 15, 2013 at 5:06 pm | Reply

      Sanders agent is already saying that he will play out the year then move on next year. The Steelers made a stupid move!

  2. Steeler Mafia | April 15, 2013 at 9:44 am | Reply

    Mistake! Anyone that was willing to leave Pittsburgh that fast will never be a true Steeler. We would have gotten a 3rd round this year and a 3rd next year as compensation. We should have let him go. He will probably leave next year anyway as a free agent.

  3. lets hope they are just simply matching this offer to create a trade with new england ryan mallet for sanders…or for a 3rd and 7th round pick….but mallet i would much rather prefer

  4. so who’s the blonde?

  5. C’mon people, you can complain about 40+ receptions for 600+ yds. all you want but no rookie receiver was gonna do that well in this offense. This way they can draft a replacement if they need to and groom him for 2014. This move gives the receiving corps and the offense the best chance to be effective in 2013. Good move by management – GO STEELERS!

    • Sorry, steel an but college football is a wide open pass happy track meet even more so than the nfl. Wide receivers come out of school nfl ready these ads and yes, rooks can put up those types of numbers, even better!

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