NT McLendon Talks To The Packers; No Word If Any Offer Is Coming

Steve McLendon

Two days after the Steelers announced they were matching the offer to WR Emmanuel Sanders, they may have another issue with a restricted free agent.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun is reporting that Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon has talked to and paid a visit to Green Bay to sit down with the Packers.

The Packers have a 3-4 defense, just like the Steelers, which is why McLendon is a fit for their defense.

McLendon was given a tender before the start of the league year, and the Steelers can do like Sanders and match any offer.

The big difference is if the Packers ink him and the Steelers let him go, they would not have to surrender any draft-pick compensation.

There was thoughts that McLendon would be a fit with the Steelers more so in 2013 with Casey Hampton likely not coming back.

For now it’s not known if an offer has been given to McLendon, but if he gets one, sounds like the Steelers are going to have to match it.

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  1. We really need to keep McLendon. I’ve been really high on him since last preseason. The defensive line looks and operates much better when he is out there. McLendon might not be the typical Hampton-like NT the Steelers usually run with, but the man i good at run-stopping and can actually get after the qb, something were not too used to having our NTs do. I still exect big things from McLendon this yar, hopefully he stays in Black n’ Gold

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