On Saturday, the Pittsburgh Steelers addressed a much needed position in the NFL Draft. A running back. Le’Veon Bell is the man the Steelers decided to invest in. Bell had over 30 career rushing touchdowns at Michigan State and looks to be the starting running back for the Steelers in 2013.

In 2012, Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman had a chance to win the starting job with the Steelers for the future, but failed to do so. The two backs including Rashard Mendenhall‘s 54 yard season put together one of the worst seasons rushing for the Steelers in years. The Steelers finished 26th in rushing in 2012 as it helped lead to their 8-8 non-playoff season.

Going into camp, the Steelers running backs look like this: Bell, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Baron Batch, Dwyer, and Redman. The feel around the team right now is that either Dwyer or Redman will make the team in 2013.

I will not place my personal opinion on who I feel stays and who I think will be out in 2013, but each running back will fight for a spot on the roster. Todd Haley and the offense plan to get the running game together in 2013, and have the backs included more as blockers and receivers. We will see how in breaks down from here.

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