HOF Center Dawson Says Steelers O-Line Potential “Unlimited”

Dermontti Dawsom

If there’s one former Steeler that knows about offensive lines, it’s Dermontti “Dirt” Dawson, the Hall of Fame center for the Steelers.

Dawson played from 1988 to 2000 for the Steelers, opening holes for backs like Jerome Bettis. He was a seven-time Pro Bowler, and a six-time All-Pro.

Alex Marvez, of FOXSports.com, and host on Sirius XM NFL, spoke to Dawson and tweeted out the following tonight on the teams offensive line.

Right now if things old true, this is the outlook for the Steelers O-line entering training camp.

Left OT – Mike Adams
Left OG – Ramon Foster
Center – Maurkice Pouncey
Right OG – David DeCastro
Right OT – Marcus Gilbert

It’s an offensive line that has a lot of potential, and it sounds like Dawson believes they can be good. Very good.

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10 Comments on "HOF Center Dawson Says Steelers O-Line Potential “Unlimited”"

  1. guitar cruiser | June 17, 2013 at 11:10 pm | Reply

    I had to read it twice to be sure, but the headline is misleading. According to the quote, Dawson did not say the Steeler’s O-line was “UN…limited”. He said it was “um… limited”

    • We have a pro bowl center and at least 2 very high draft picks whose potential is still unknown but who may very well be pro bowlers. It would appear that Mr. guitar cruiser is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ if he continues his Ratbird sounding BS posts.

  2. “Potential” is the key word. We’ve had potential for ages. What we need is better utilization of the talent we have. Our new line coach, Jack Bicknell, Jr., was supposedly going to transition the line from power to speed, consistent with the NFL rules that emphasize the pass and the need to improve our rushing game. But the line-up above consists of the same slow road graders we’ve always had — and we haven’t even begun to talk about the back ups who must step in when the inevitable injuries occur. Starks and Legursky are gone now, and Adams has yet to prove he can play LT.

    “Potential” doesn’t get it done. We need guys like Dawson, who gave us “performance.” But there are no Dawsons in our current line up. If Bicknell hopes to build a dominant O-line out of this “potential,” he has his work cut out for him.

    • LambertsHero | June 27, 2013 at 10:15 pm | Reply

      MrGeorge is misinformed. Pouncey is the most athletic center in the league & DeCastro & Adams are the most athletic pieces at their respective positions we’ve had in some time. Foster is serviceable and Gilbert is above average, but it won’t be a zone exclusive scheme. We will still have some power elements. Our depth is unknown yet underrated. I say that because Beachum can backup every position and he was our diamond in the rough last year. Bicknell is a smart guy and he’s very fortunate to have a much much better group than what he had in KC last year. Back to issue of depth, Whimper is another athletic piece who played out of position in Max, not a tackle. Can’t pass block on the edge bu

      • LambertsHero | June 27, 2013 at 10:29 pm | Reply

        GD pop ups, hate those things, anyway… Whimper can’t pass block on the edge but would make an excellent pulling G. He may be coached up on the edge to protect the qb but even if he is moved I like the addition. The UDFA can battle it out for the remaining spots. Health is a concern but with the new zone elements it should protect our line from Gilbert’s “grace”. The pessimism is palpable. Some of you doomsday naysayers crack me up. You will be the first ones who say ‘I knew it all along’. Year 2 in this offense will be like night and day from last year. Le’Veon Bell will get a lot of credit, though, but this offense will be in the top 10 of a lot of categories. And the o-line (as is custom) will get none of the credit.

  3. This OLine is still in transition. I think once it gets going and playing to its scheme, good things will happen. Hopefully TH can make it really work with Ben behind centre , more of a chance than not.

  4. I don’t see the potential at tackl.. both are soft and have slow feet. that means Ben is in for another year on his back. Unless we can run the ball consistently to keep the defenses honest. Bell maybe the answer to our woes In the running attack.. but the tackles main job is to protect Bens blindside first and foremost.. if They cant do that then get rid of them. Oh and stay healthy.. yu ccan’t get better laid up on the sideline.

  5. Tri-City Steel | June 19, 2013 at 3:53 am | Reply

    Marcus Gilbert will be at LT, Especially now that Adams is recovering from the stabbing. hopefully he doesn’t get bowled over and land on the knees of anymore linemates. Definitely something to worry about as the season progresses.

  6. The Steelers offensive line on paper looks as good as any in the league . The problem is , games arent played on paper . The bottom line with this teams offensive line and team as a whole is , they have to stay on the field . You cant have front line starters missing five and six games . Guys like Polamalu , Woodley and Pouncey have got to stay healthy . The past two years this team has been DECIMATED by injuries . If hey want to compete with the Ravens and Patriots in the AFC that have to keep the injuries to a minimum . Only time will tell .

  7. I’m rooting for Hernandez to be guilty!
    ~A. Serious Hater

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