Roethlisberger Set To Pass $70M This Year In Deal From 2008

Ben Roethlisber is rich. Very rich. Though having to put up with some of the hits he has had to endure the past few seasons with the Steelers you can see why.

Ben Roethlisberger

ESPN has an article out today that talks about the wealth of Big Ben, and how this season he will make the most amount of money he ever has had in his life – $11.6 million, putting him at $76.5 for his eight-year deal inked back in 2008.

Of the 16 contracts signed by NFL players with a maximum value of at least $100 million, no one has ever earned $70 million in those non-guaranteed deals. That will change this year with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, according to ESPN Stats & Information’s John Parolin.

Roethlisberger is scheduled to receive $11.6 million this year ($9 million in a bonus as part of a restructured contract), which will give him $76.5 million from an eight-year, $102 million deal that he signed in March 2008. The most any NFL player had received from a $100 million contract was $69 million (Donovan McNabb).

This will likely be all that Roethlisberger will get from his current deal. Roethlisberger is in line for an extension after this season because his salary-cap number will be around $18 million and restructuring his contract this time won’t free up much cap room. Plus, an extension would probably guarantee the 31-year-old Roethlisberger finishing his career with the Steelers.

Of the eight completed $100 million contracts in the NFL, only McNabb and Brett Favre earned over 50 percent of the maximum value of the contract. Daunte Culpepper only received $19 million from his $102 million deal signed in 2003 and is now facing foreclosure on his South Florida home.

Of the eight active $100 million contracts, Drew Brees is second behind Roethlisberger, receiving $40 million.

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  • Yes he is worth every damn penny they paid him so far..

  • ben spiridigliozzi

    He is worth every cent of it. He is that rare combination of Steve McNair and John Elway with a bit of Favre thrown into the mix. He is the best QB in the NFL today with 3 SB appearancesand 2 rings. So Drew, Aaron, Peyton(exluding Peyton’s younger brother, he has 2 SB rings too) Brady et al can SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!! So can the NFL and especially that fat pig Peter King, who during Big Ben’s last SB appearance wrote article after disparging article just in an attempt to distract Big Ben and unfortunately it did, but REMEMBER if it wasn’t for that Dick-head MENDENAHLL’s fumble, they were driving to win the game. Pay him, Keep him, he’s a HOF in waiting. And I never believed the two trumped up rape charges, it was basically two Ho’s with dollar signs in their eyes because he was a rich NFL QB>

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