Do Any Big Name Free Agents Still Out There Make Sense To The Steelers?

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers

There’s some big name free agents still on the market for all 32 NFL teams looking to get better before and during training camp this summer before the 2013 season kicks off.

From offensive playmakers to defensive stars, there’s players out there that will for sure help teams. There’s holes on the 2013 Steelers as it stands, and today let’s take a look at who is out there, and if any of these players make sense to the black and gold.

1. John Abraham DE ATL – Never going to happen, but boy would make a great fit for the Steelers in terms of helping out their D-line. Rumors have him going to either the Cowboys or maybe New England.

2. Cedric Benson RB GB – The 30-year-old still feels he has gas in the tank at 30 years old, but last season only ran for 246 yards with the Packers in five games. Benson may be a cheap offer away from coming to the Steelers, and the black and gold should keep all running backs on the table at this point.

3. Brandon Lloyd WR NE – Had 911 yards and four scores last season with the Pats, and may be going back there now with the release of Aaron Hernandez. Still, the Steelers could use some help in the WR core with a vet, and if he’d come cheap (likely won’t happen), the Steelers may be able to use his services.

4. Vonta Leach FB BAL – I personally love Leach, and would love to see the Steelers bring him in and use him like the old days of a Tim Lester of Dan Krieder, but word has him going to the Dolphins or maybe the Giants. Still, the team needs help running the ball, and Leach would fit perfect in an offense to give the run game a boost.

5. Willis McGahee RB DEN – See Ced Benson above, a guy with tread on the tires, but still ran for over 700 yards and four TD’s last season with the pass happy Broncos. If his attitude is right, might be a fit, but not likely to happen.

6. Brandon Moore G JETS – Shocked Moore is still on the market, but the Steelers are set at the guard spot, and Moore isn’t a fit, but will make a nice pickup at some point with the right team.

7. Richard Seymour DT OAK – Another guy that will in no way take a lowball offer to come to the Steelers, but would make a nice fit on the defensive line. He’s still got gas in the tank, and rumors say he may wind up with the Falcons or Saints.
Michael Turner RB ATL

8. Eric Winston T KC – Only 29, and word is the Lions would make a great fit for the former Chiefs and Texans tackle. Is a solid, physical blocker who would be a fit for the Steelers O-line, but only at the right price.

9. Michael Turner RB ATL – Would be by far my number one on this list, but he’s going to command money, and it’s something the Steelers don’t have to spend right now. 800 yards and 10 TD’s last season for the Falcons, but he’s 31 and many think he’s seen better days. As shown by his 3.6 yards per carry average after going for 4.5 yards in 2011. Look for Dallas or San Diego to be where he ends up.

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  1. If i had my pick:Vonta Leach.guy knows how to boost that run game.

    Winston would be good…but I don’t think they get him at a price they’re willing to pay. They already brought in Whimper to be the backup when the could’ve kept Starks so I don’t see that happening.

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