Ben Roethlisberger

After playing one of the worst Super Bowls as the QB for the Eagles vs Oakland back in 1981 in Super Bowl XV, somehow, someway, people today seem to feel that whatever ESPN ‘analyst’ Ron Jaworski says about quarterbacks is true.

Despite never being a winning one himself.

Jaworski is making headlines in Steeler Nation today over his “QB Countdown” list, which lists the best QB’s in the game. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger – the same as his number – 7th on the list.

Roethlisberger dropped a spot from six to seven, and those above him? They are pretty good, just still think at the end of the day Ben never seems to get the credit he deserves.

Here’s the list in the eyes of Jaworski leading up to Roethlsiberger.

1. Tom Brady Patriots
2. Drew Brees Saints
3. Peyton Manning Broncos
4. Aaron Rodgers Packers
5. Matt Ryan Falcons
6. Joe Flacco Ravens

Now I think when you look at a list like this, Brady, Brees and Manning are always going to get their due – so I don’t have too much of an issue with that.

Rodgers at four I will even give you – but Matt Ryan at five and Joe Flacco at six? Come on.

Ryan was good last season, but the 5th best QB in the game today? He’s won one playoff game in his career after a couple of failures, and had a big lead vs the 49’ers in the NFC Title game last season, only to be part of a complete flop that saw Atlanta with a shot late to comeback, and they failed.

This isn’t to say that Ryan shouldn’t be in the top 10, but over Ben? I don’t think a lot of NFL GM’s would see it that way if there was a shot to pick both in a draft.

As for Flacco – give me a break.

One season, and more so, one late run a player it does not make. How about Trent Dilfer? He’s another former Ravens scrub QB that is living off a hot run in the postseason. Not to say that Flacco is another Dilfer, but he’s not the 6th best QB in the game.

Flacco has shown in big games before the postseason last year that he tends to run and hide, and get lost in the shuffle. How about the AFC Divisional game in Heinz Field in 2010?

Last season he couldn’t even beat the Steelers 3rd string QB (Charlie Batch) at home, and while yes, he was impressive in the postseason, I still think to this day he’s got a lot more to prove.

By the way, for those wondering, here’s the top 10 for ‘Jaws’ lines up as follows after Ben:

8 Eli Manning Giants
9 Matt Schaub Texans
10 Andrew Luck Colts

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