Caption Contest: Joe Flacco And Wife Dana Grady At The ESPY Awards


Have fun with this one Steeler Nation!

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  • I am the best quarter back in the league. And my wife is the tallest women in Maryland.

  • Chris

    Wife “I should have never accepted Big Bens bathroom invitation”

  • Blkandgold4Life

    Grady not Flacco? Is she preggo?

  • Mark waz

    Whats her name ? Consuelo?

  • Hi I’m Joe. Mind if I try my ventriloquist act out on you?

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Well she was the only one that didn’t laugh at me when I pulled my boxers down. She said said good things come in small packages. Dana said she new the hand measurement was just a myth. She’s the perfect height to shave my unibrow when I sit down. Yes its true my body did outgrow the little man syndrome I have.Yes the dress was given to us by Ray Lewis , not sure why he kept calling it The white suit. Yes she really is my little sister.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Yes I told Dana to wear shorts under her dress in case Woodly showed up and we had to run away.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Were a perfect match I always feel like a little boy and she will always look like a little girl next

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Tall women intimidate me to much. I had to find one whoes height matched my character. Yes she has a huge personality but is short, so yes opposites attract.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    With Dana being so short she has always had small expectations her whole life so we are a perfect couple.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    I’m not sure why she wants to name the baby after Ray but were going on Maury’s show a week after the baby is born.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    No I wouln’t let her hold my hands anymore. I fooled my coaches and owners to think they are over $100 .million.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Since she’s been pregnant I’ve been playing pocket pool.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Oh I thought when the coach said to practice staying in the pocket he meant for me to keep my hands in my pocket at all times

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Her height makes me feel like a big boy.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    She’s the perfect size to cuddle with after I have one of my Troy Polamalu nightmares.

  • Wow….so Bert finally got Ernie pregnant. Way to go Joe Flaccid!

  • MommaSaysGETlifted

    These comments make steeler fans seem so stupid and un-creative
    Seriously, didn’t even crack a smile. Except the Bert and Ernie one, nice.

    • Jalen

      When you’re nose to nose, your toes is in it and when you’re toes to toes, your nose is in it!

  • Its hard to find a date when it looks like two caterpillars are playing chicken on your forehead so I bought this prostitute a prertt dress and invited her to the espys..hey it worked in pretty woman.

  • Jalen

    P.S. that’s gotta be photoshopped?! Look at the size of his head?!?!?!?!?! Got encephalitis?

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