Earlier today we posted a story about the tidbit that Steelers Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Ed Bouchette had in his Sunday notes, about back Jonathan Dwyer, and how he might just have a hard time making the roster.

Here’s what Bouchette said.

Injuries contributed to the poor showing by the runners last season. Even though he led them, Dwyer is no lock to make the roster. Bell could claim the starting job before camp is out with his main competition Isaac Redman. Baron Batch and Stephens-Howling are candidates on third downs.

Well, seems that word must have gotten back to Dwyer about the two sentences, as this evening he fired off a tweet, designed to show how fired up he was about 2013 – and about one person he wants to prove wrong.

It’s good to see that Dwyer took the high road in the tweet, and didn’t just jump on Bouchette, taking a shot at him for what at the end of the day could be the truth.

Let’s be real, if Dwyer would have gotten the job done last season, there would be no reason for Ed to put the piece in the story at all.

For now, it’s all systems go for Dwyer, and with players reporting to camp in four days, let’s see if the back comes in and proves those that think he won’t be around in 2013 wrong.

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