Tomlin Says Roethlisberger Having Some Discomfort In Repaired Knee

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens

Back around the 4th of July in London QB Ben Roethlisberger said that his knee which he had a procedure on back in June was “as good as new.”

One day into training camp, and he’s having “a little discomfort.”


Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tweeted that coach Mike Tomlin said today that that QB has been having some slight issues as he gets going on the new knee.

The Steelers coach said that the issues with Ben’s redone knee is not a setback, and that the QB will be on the field for practices, and he doesn’t expect him to miss any time with the knee.

As for now, it’s all systems go, but keep an eye on if it’s an ongoing issue.

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  1. Ben suck it up your making more money than the president. If your shot go retire and give someone else a chance. I’m tired of this injury bullshit. Suck it while your taking that fat check. People working at Big Macs for minimum wage have bad backs but the boss doesn’t want to here. It’s time to quite pampering Polumulu and Woodley while these guys are stuffing the bank at Pittsburgh’s expense. Ben unless you a real injury shut the f_____up.

  2. It may be absolutely nothing and chances are it probably is . However , if its not and this thing begins to linger into the season , the Steelers are in trouble . Bruce Gradkowski is not going to win the AFC north for you . For this team to succeed this year , the injuries have to be kept to a minimum . Roethlisberger , Woodley , Pouncey and Polamalu have to stay on the field this year . If not , youre probably looking at a 7-9 record in 2013 .

  3. Suck it up ben???? Really?? Cause you have played injured in the NFL so many times. You people can be so dumb. You talk about whining but Ben didn’t even say anything about it Tomlin did and when asked he said he was fine. Ben will do great this year like every year and if he gets injured I’m sure he will rush back to play injured like he always does. I respect the fact that he plays cause he loves it and he wants to win not just to get paid if he only wanted to be paid he probly wouldn’t rush back as much. And you want to talk about Whinie would you reather have Tom f***ing Brady who just sits in th middle of the field and plays with grass like a little child every time he can’t make a play. Give me a brake ill take Ben any day over all the rest.

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