A Super Computer Picks The Steelers As The 6th Seed In The AFC In 2013

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Got an email today about this machine that when not playing chess is evidently picking winners of NFL games – the (trumpets please) Predictalator!!!

The state-of-the-art, Prediction Machine, was built by Paul Bessire (Twitter: @predictmachine), a statistician and veteran sports writer.

Seems that the Predictalator has already played the 2013 NFL season 50,000 times before it’s actually played, and therefore have no worries about throwing out who is going to make the postseason, how those postseason games will go, and who is going to the Super Bowl.

Steeler fans that believe in things like the Predictalator get ready to be excited! While the machines says the Steelers won’t win the Super Bowl (it has the Broncos losing to San Francisco 31-27, it does have the Steelers as the #6 team in the AFC as a wild card.

So the way the machine sees it, the Steelers will play in round one of the wild card weekend against the #3 seed, the Houston Texans. According to the machine, the Steelers fall in round one – 23-20.

As far as the rest of the season, here’s the way that the machine sees the 2013 Steelers rankings and such lining up:

Pittsburgh Steelers
Power Rank: 17
Offensive Rank: 26
Defensive Rank: 1
Division Standing: 3
2012 Playoff Teams on Schedule: 7
Projected 2013 Playoff Teams on Schedule: 6
Playoff Probabilities: 35.8%
Super Bowl Win%: 1.6%
Biggest Strength: Pass Defense
Greatest Weakness: Age and Health Concerns
Most Important Offensive Player: Mike Adams
Most Important Defensive Player: Troy Polamalu
Fantasy Stud: Defense
Fantasy Dud: Shaun Suisham
Fantasy Sleeper: Emmanuel Sanders

As far as the postseason, here’s the way the machine thinks it will play out.


Wild Card Round
#6 Pittsburgh 20 @ #3 Houston 23
#5 Baltimore 23 @ #4 Cincinnati 24

Divisional Round
#3 Houston 27 @ #2 New England 31
#4 Cincinnati 21 @ #1 Denver 26

AFC Championship 
#2 New England 28 @ #1 Denver 30


Wild Card Round

#6 St. Louis 21 @ #3 New York Giants 23
#5 Seattle 27 @ #4 Atlanta 26

Divisional Round
#5 Seattle 23 @ #1 San Francisco 28
#3 New York Giants 24 @ #2 Green Bay 31 

NFC Championship 
#2 Green Bay 27 @ #1 San Francisco 32

Super Bowl
San Francisco 31 over Denver 27

This will be fun to go back in January to see how right they were, and if the Steelers truly are destined to be a 6th seed in the AFC in 2013.

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