Plaxico Burress

The season is over for Steelers WR Plaxico Burress, and possibly the career of one of the more interesting NFL stories of the last 10 years, as he had rotator cuff surgery today after tearing it in Thursday’s practice in Latrobe.

All Steelers coach Mike Tomlin did would say Friday is that it was a “significant injury,” but now all indications are he will have to decide if he wants to try and comeback next season.

The soon to be 36-year-old WR played in four games for the Steelers last year, and signed another one-year minimum deal with the Steelers in March that included a $65,000 signing bonus.

In 11 seasons with the Steelers, Giants and Jets, Burress had 553 catches for 8,499 yards and 64 touchdowns.

He also missed two seasons while serving prison time in New York on a weapons possession charge.

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