Report: TE Miller To Be Back Sooner Than Many People Think

Heath Miller

Will he be ready? Won’t he be ready?

No, it’s not a love poem, it’s just the consistent struggle for Steelers fans and the team concerning if Pro Bowl TE Heath Miller will be ready to go in week one vs the Titans, and if not, when he truly will be ready to play.

It was reported over the weekend that Miller would miss about a month of action, which would be a huge blow to a Steelers offense that has had major issues the first two presason games.

Now Tuesday, CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora, citing a league source, said very much the opposite, stating that the Steelers “expect Miller back for practice the week before their home opener Sept. 8 against the Titans, and he could return to the lineup sooner than some have reported.”

Last season Miller was the team MVP, and right now remains on the PUP list after a gruesome ACL injury in week 16 last season at home vs the Bengals.

With the struggles on offense and the lack of depth at the TE spot, any news about Miller being back sooner rather than later is good news at this point for the Steelers.

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6 Comments on "Report: TE Miller To Be Back Sooner Than Many People Think"

  1. Even if Heath is 80 or 90% percent when he returns , that is still better than what we currently have on the roster . Paulson is completely overmatched any time he has to pass block and his receiving skills are average at best . The next preseason game is a huge game for the Steelers starters and if they dont perform up to expectations , look for Mike Tomlin to start catching some serious heat .

  2. dave forget about it. tomlin is totally untouchable. he’s inept. did you ever see that lost look in his eyes when he makes one of his horrendous field calls in a game? the gay blade rooney would never fire him because the disease the the rooneys picked up in 08 called white guilt.

    • Glenn Gilbert | August 21, 2013 at 8:15 am | Reply

      Dong dong. I guess by your name its shows what a coward you are to even make a. Statement like that and put up a childish name. Your just a scumbag. Why not get on the o line coach for their poor performance? That’s our number one problem. But you’d rather make it a race issue rather t

    • Two Super Bowl appearances in 6 years, one for a win.

      66% win record.

      ’08 coach of the year.

      What more exactly does he have to do to impress you?

      Please keep the race opinions to yourself!

      • Race has nothing to do with it, however the NFL is a what have you done for me lately league. The Bears just fired Lovie Smith after an 10-6 record. The Steelers have a high measurement for success and anything but the playoffs and potential contender is unacceptable. I’m still on Tomlin’s side, but he needs to get the o-line figured out and make the offense as potent as it has the potential to be. Another lackluster season could spell doom for Tomlin. I still think hes safe for another year or 2, but mediocrity won’t cut it while we still have Ben in his prime.

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