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Away we go with Week One of the NFL season, the only week that anyone can say ‘it’s all even,’ because after this week, it will never be that way again!

The Thursday night game we didn’t get our score out, but trust me, we had the Broncos (picked them 27-24, guess it was a little more lopsided than that), so we are quickly 1-0 on the year.

Here’s the rest of week one with some commentary.

Oakland at Indianapolis – Easy start for the Colts, who will make it a long day for new Raiders starter Terrelle Pryor. Big day for Andrew Luck and the Colts offense. Indianapolis 34 Oakland 14

Minnesota at Detroit – Adrian Peterson will get off where he left, with a huge game, and the Vikings will score a key early road win in Detroit over Matthew Stafford and the Lions. Minnesota 17 Detroit 10

Miami at Cleveland – Browns fans are thinking they have a shot here, but Miami is coming in with a better offense (hello Mike Wallace) and their defense is going to be better as well. Ryan Tannehill outplays Brandon Weeden, and the Fins win. Miami 21 Cleveland 17

Cincinnati at Chicago – Great early game between the Bengals and Bears, the Bears want to get off fast, and with Matt Forte and a new look offense, they should have enough to confuse the Bengals D. Andy Dalton wants to take the next step, but it will have to wait a week. Chicago 24 Cincinnati 20

Seattle at Carolina – Love Seattle this season overall, and Russell Wilson is a star. He’ll outplay Cam and the Seahawks will start a march towards a long January run. Seattle 17 Carolina 10

Jackonsville at Kansas City – The early ‘Throw Up Bowl’ here in KC. The Chiefs have a new coach, a new QB, and should be better on offense, more than enough to beat maybe the worst team in the AFC in 2013. Kansas City 31 Jacksonville 20

Tampa Bay at New York Jets – The ‘Revis Bowl’ as the Bucs come to NY to play a Jets team that could maybe win only 4-5 games. Look for Revis to get a pick on Geno Smith, and the Jets to start a LONG season with a loss. Tampa Bay 24 New York Jets 13

Atlanta at New Orleans – A shootout in the Superdome, as two high powered offenses get an early taste of how the division will look. Love Drew Brees to have a great day vs the Falcons defense, and for Sean Payton to be welcomed back with a huge win. New Orleans 35 Atlanta 27

New England at Buffalo – If Peyton Manning threw 7, Tom Brady may try to throw 8 vs the Bills, as Buffalo looks like they could challenge the Jags as the worst in the AFC. New England 41 Buffalo 17

Green Bay at San Francisco – NFC Divisional rematch from a year ago, and should be a good one. The Niners think they are ready for another Super Bowl, and they will get to 1-0 here, but trust me, it won’t be easy vs the Pack. San Francisco 29 Green Bay 28

Arizona at St.Louis – The Rams should be better in year two with Jeff Fisher, but no one knows if they can run the ball and Sam Bradford will have to carry the load. The Cards will need to open the offense with Carson Palmer, but the Rams D will carry them to a win. St.Louis 20 Arizona 10

New York Giants at Dallas – Big NFC East game to start the year, and it’s always down to Eli vs Romo. Eli seems to shine in these games, and once again on the road I think he will play better and lead the G-Men to a win. New York 27 Dallas 24

Monday Night:

Philadelphia at Washington – RGIII vs the Eagles, and you know with a new coach in Chip Kelly, the Eagles will have some new wrinkles in their defense. Look for this to be a fun game for early in 2013, and I think Griffin will do enough to spoil the first game for Kelly. Washington 30 Philadelphia 17

Houston at San Diego – Love the Texans here on the road, as their defense will make for a long night for another new head coach in Mike McCoy and QB Phillip Rivers. Can’t see the Bolts having the firepower to say with Houston. Houston 23 San Diego 10

Titans vs Steelers pick to come with our Week One Keys and Prediction Post on Saturday!

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  1. It always seems like the Chargers get behind early in so many games because our no-show coach decides to run the ball on 1st and 10, 2nd and 9, then try a stupid swing pass to the RB on 3rd down for no yards.

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