Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin’s Post Game Comments From The Loss To Tennessee

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers

Coach Tomlin: Obviously a disappointing opener. Enough misery to go around in all three phases. Unacceptable performance. I won’t accept it. This team better not accept it. We’ve got some work to do. We sustained some injuries in the game but really not an excuse. The guys that played had opportunities, and we didn’t play well enough. We didn’t coach well enough. On the injury front, Shaun Suisham injured his hamstring in the pregame. He was able to get through today. We’ll see what that holds. Maurkice Pouncey injured his MCL and his ACL. Obviously, he’ll be facing a surgery.

[LaRod] Stephens-Howling had a knee injury. He’s being evaluated via the MRI. Cortez Allen had a right ankle sprain and Larry Foote ruptured his bicep. Of course, that will require surgery as well. Those that played, not good enough. We won‘t accept it. We turned the ball over, particularly in the red area. That’s a significant swing. They were able to run the ball at times on us, particularly in that red area. Just not acceptable. Obviously, some errors in the kicking game. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Nobody cares about our problems. They’re glad we’ve got them. We need to understand that. We need to stick together and persevere.

Re: It looked like on the play where Isaac Redman fumbled there was some confusion:
There was. We had a miscommunication in terms of the personnel group. Once we got an understanding of what the issue was, we realized it was irrelevant in regards to the play. But, obviously, we didn’t execute the play well. So, not good.

Should there have been a timeout called there? The huddle clock looked like it was down next to nothing.
No, we were close there. We felt comfortable with what we were looking at. Obviously, in hindsight, we would look a taking one there based on the result of the play. But, again based on the discussions that we had with an understanding of what was going on, we felt comfortable. Obviously, we didn’t get the play executed.

Can you comment specifically on the performance you got from your running backs and maybe why you didn’t see the need for Felix Jones?
We just didn’t get enough going with any of the running backs. The game circumstances dictated that we do some things, no-huddle and so forth. He’s been here for a short period of time. That maybe had an effect on our utilization of him, particularly down the stretch. But just largely not good enough.

What would have kept the offense from going down field more? That seemed to be the only thing working.

Our quarterback was getting hit some. It wasn’t a clean pocket. Obviously, we had Kelvin Beachum in there at center. We needed to be able to run the ball and stay on schedule. We weren’t able to do that.

Just to clarify, the injuries that require surgery, are those season-ending?
I would assume so, but that’s an assumption at this point.

Was Will Johnson available? Why didn’t he play at all?
He was available to us. By the time we determined he was available, it was the latter part of the week. We had a plan kind of in place. He was there if we needed him. Obviously, due to game circumstances we didn’t get a chance to utilize him much. He did participate on special teams.

It looked like David DeCastro got Pouncey’s knee. Why would that happen?
I have to look at the play. I just caught a glimpse of it on the replay. It’s an unfortunate incident. Obviously, it’s not something that David is intentionally trying to do. It really is one of the casualties of the game football. We’ll take a look at it, and maybe have a better understanding of the reasons why after we do.

You called this performance unacceptable. What kind of consequences does that mean for the team moving forward?

We’ve just got to understand what the standard is, and that’s not up to the standard. We better work to play to it. We’re capable. We’re good enough to win football games. We’re good enough to win that game today, not taking anything away from the Tennessee Titans. They did a great job. We did not.

Why wasn’t the running game there when Pouncey went out?

We didn’t execute. They did. They had a nice plan. Our plan could’ve been better under the circumstances. Obviously, we had intended on using Kelvin Beachum some at tight end. When he had to go in at center, that changed. We didn’t adjust well enough. I take responsibility for that.

What was the biggest letdown today?
I really haven’t taken time to ponder that. I paint with a broad brush when I say that the performance is unacceptable. We’ll have better clarity and I’ll be able to provide those better answers for you after having watched the tape.

Is the injury to Stephens-Howling less serious?
He’s being evaluated as we speak. So, I don’t have a definitive explanation of what his injury is at this point.

Are you comfortable with Beachum at center moving forward?
I’d have to look at the tape. Obviously, he did an admirable job under the circumstances, but tomorrow is a new day. It’s the top of the week. We’ll make the best decisions for us, globally speaking.

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36 Comments on "Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin’s Post Game Comments From The Loss To Tennessee"

  1. Tomlin is an idiot should be fired along with the rest of the staff…you had a gold mine left to you by Cowher and you have runied it just like Barry Switzer did with the Cowboys.You are a joke

    • That’s just dumb. . 2 Super Bowls in 7 years and you want him fired. . You make yourself look foolish saying such silly things. Stop

      • I guess that’s how it works in our society huh Phil. Someone else builds something and the newcomer who has less to do with it gets the credit—parcels builds patriots, belicheat gets credit, gruden gets credit for raiders and bucs when dungy shoulda gotten credit for the latter. Even Stanley Kubrick got credit for Spartacus when all he did was come in and put some finishing touches on it. Whatever the example it doesn’t make him a good coach, it means he came in and got credit for someone else’s work!

        • If he had 1 year of sucess opposed to 7, I may agree with you. This is one game- win next week and all will be fine. I will admit that I haven’t been pleased with Haley but it’s still early in his tenure as OC. To place all the blame on Tomlin just doesn’t make sense.

          • Tonight, 9/10 Monday, I was watching NFL Total Access With Michael Irvin
            and he and Deion Sanders were laughing about the Steelers game. “Over and Done” they laughed. It is over! Steelers are so done…all the while laughing.

            Then they started talking to each other about Tomlin. Neither blamed him. The stated he was under pressure and they expect it to soon burst!
            The indicated that the problem was Haley and there is so much tension between the two that they expect Tomlin to just explode. They also made fun of Haley…laughing all the time trying to speak about him.

            So….why do others know about this but Pittsburgh sports reporters don’t. And it the problem Haley?

          • 7 years? Where have you’ve been. Lets date back 3 years. We lose to Tim “freakin” Tebow in a playoff game where he throws for 315 yards. He is now home on the couch doing nothing. We go 7-8 into the last game with Cleveland last year and throw out all the stops to make sure we don’t have a losing record screwing up our draft by about 5 spots. Then we go on to lose 4 preseason games and the first two games of thos season. When again was the success Tomlin had? Oh yea, the years right after inheriting the team one year removed from the Super Bowl.

        • even haleys bad play calling makes no difference with no o-line

      • Take your beer goggles off pal! Tomlin’s team did not get us there. His team is rearing it’s ugly head now! Dump the clown or it will be many years until we see a playoff again!

        • Bob- I’m sue you wanted Cowher fired in the late 90’s as well. Think about it- he has coached for 7 years and they have been to 2 Super Bowls… neither Tomlin or Cowher draft players so you can’t give credit or beat on them for the drafts. The only thing that I know is that this franchise has been the best in the NFL and ONE bad game doesn’t change that. You have the same attitude as a cowboy, redskin fan. Chill out wih the cleaning the house crap. You guys make the entire fan base look like morons

          • Who exactly has seven years of success??? Are you referring to Tomlin? He missed playoffs two years and one year got jumped at home by Jax?!?!? His resume isn’t big enough to compare to Cowher anyway! But so far and to this point in their respective careers, Tomlin can’t carry a torch to Cowher…And I didn’t call for his head in the late 1990’s you myopic….Because Cowher didn’t have a franchise qb until the mid 2000s!!!!! Seriously, to not see Tomlin is in way over his head here is ludicrous!

          • and actually it’s you and you incessant acceptance of mediocrity that makes us appear to settle like most other teams and fan bases who by the way are surpassing us as we speak. Stop riding the coattails of past experiences and live in the now, pal!

          • and it’s been multiple bad games not just one…have you been watching or are you too busy dreamily gazing at the six lombardis…get used to it because there won’t be a seventh with this type of play which has spanned THREE season now, PHil, not just one game. That’s right, this team has been steadily getting worse since the playoff loss in denver, injuries or no injuries…every (elite) team gets injured but every (elite) team spends a little money on depth and free agency too, why not us or are you implying that we’re just like everyone else and not elite? Because if we are, then we should be doing more than just sitting back and watching BB get pummeled every game, have no offensive line for half a decade, three different oc in BB tenure, and on and on it goes. What are you watching?

          • Jalen- Let me get this straight- you think its Tomlin’s fault because of the Drafts, but Cowher got a pass because he didn’t draft a franchise QB until the mid 90’s????? be clear that I love Billy Cowher but he went through lean seasons as well bud. I’m just saying in 7 seasons he has 1 SB win, 1 SB loss, bounced from the playoff’s early a few times. I will take that. It is waaaaaay to soon to be calling for the head coach to be fired- that would make the Steelers like the other loser franchises in the NFL, making unjustified moves based off of 1 game??- were not going to agree so I’m out on this- Go Steelers

          • sorry, I meant draft a franchise QB until the mid 2000’s

          • your so right i love my steelers but with that o-line i feel bad for ben he is in his prime

      • What planet are you from, are of a racial back ground similar to Tomlin, or are you just another moron!,
        Don’t compare him to any other coach he hasn’t done a single thing for himself, he has been given everything and used other individuals work to cover him self with some one else credit. He is being exposed each and everyday as the moron he is!!!!! You have no idea what the hell your talking about and that’s why this team will continue to determinate with supports like you. However the Rooneys will dump his ass because people don’t like losers , such as TOMLIN

    • Also noticed Mike Tomlin did not challenge if a pass was a complete pass reciever only held it for second , as a result Titan scored on the drive feel like it cost Pittsburgh the game but no one seems to mention it

  2. Before anyone says calm down , its only one game , in reality , its five games . The Steelers played four preseason games and one regular season game and they have looked downright awful in everyone of them . There has been no progression whatsoever from one week to the next . This team is in total freefall and it starts with the offense . Two years into Todd Haleys offense and it looks more like two weeks . Either the players dont grasp it or they simply dont want to grasp it . Bottom line , its not working , at all . The offensive line is a total mess that cant pass or run block . Giving up five sacks to an average at best Tennessee defense is rediculous . In addition , losing Pouncey for the rest of the season has pretty much sealed this teams fate . They had very little depth coming into the season and now losing Pouncey and Larry Foote for the rest of the year is a huge blow . Mike Tomlin and Todd Haley need to have a meeting of the minds , because this ship is starting to look like the Titanic really fast .

  3. To be utterly and entirely clear…This (football) is my hobby. I used to play. I now work 50 plus hours a week making annually what the players and coaches bring home bi-weekly. So please forgive me if the implication on my end is that they are akin to say like cattle or something. Because that’s what they are to me, things that help perpetuate my hobby. I care about as much as asking for someone’s job as I do when I play Madden and fire a coach. That being said, I retain passion for the game and an unrivaled competitiveness for the Steelers and football. There are many fun aspects to the season and the offseason such as the draft, combine, training camp, etc. I now kind of find myself rooting for that higher draft pick. only problem with that is if Tomlin is still the coach, what difference does it make. Bottom line is, if I thought this current coaching staff could pull the players through this and LEAD them like they’re supposed to, I’d have much more confidence about the outcome of the season being a favorable one. But since this staff sucks, there is no hope for this year and I will continue to feel and opine that way for subsequent years until the current regime (including Colbert) is removed and we begin again.

  4. You guys drive me nuts. I agree that they looked horrible, can’t run, or throw for that matter, but everyone calling for Tomlin are crazy. He DOES NOT draft. He took the same team Cowher had went 8_8 with and win a Super Bowl 2 years later. Tomlin does not draft the players.. That’s colbert.. The same GM that drafted all the players that went to 3 Super Bowls and won two. Chill out dummies, its one week. A really bad week but none the less.. one game. Out

    • Do you really think that Mike “The Sound byte” Tomlin has no input in the draft? The Steelers haven’t drafted well since Bill Cowher left and that’s not just a matter of their draft position, it is in part the fact that “The Sound byte” has no eye for talent.

      • Exactly what I’m trying to tell you. He has very little to do with who they draft. He may have a position or a player he doesn’t want or veto power but does not draft the players. I would also argue the not drafting well during his time too… Pouncy, Timmons, Woodley, Brown, Wallace, Lewis ect.. those that left are not his fault and others haven’t been around long enough to determine thier worth. Tomlin can’t prevent injuries other than to not let them be an excuse. It’s ONE game! Let it play out. People sound like cowboy fans on her

    • The year before 8-8 cowher won Super Bowl and the year before that he went 15-1…Tomlin has had chance with new players to state case for himself and has not done so. Also,cowher went to playoffs first six years as steelers coach whereas Tomlin went to playoffs four times wit an elite QB. Cowher did not have an elite QB his first six years nor did he inherit one from Noll as Tomlin did from cowher. My point is if everryone seems to want a scapegoat, wanting Haley’s head on a platter is shooting too low. Yeah he should go to but it would just be a band aid. I’m telling you the problem is bigger than who’s calling the plays.

      • Yea sure, blow the entire thing up because they lost the season opener. That makes perfect sense. Don’t say that in public. . People will laugh at you

    • Tomlin is given the players, but he does not know how to use what he is given. He is a MORON!

  5. Everybody just needs to take a deep breath and focus on the positive right now. Even with this loss the Steelers are still tied for first place in the North Division.

  6. Blah blah blah Tomlin! Basically what I ascertained from that (piss poor) performance is to have low expectations for the steelers this year. Then we become like most other fan bases.

    • You sound like a fan from most other fan bases.

      • So what am I supposed to say, you F-kin idiot! AM i supposed to say oh it’s okay its just one game. Im not that irrational…It ismore than one game because it predates even last year. Seriously, what are you watching that makes you think we should all just sit back and accept this form our team. Maybe we sound like other fan bases because the team is playing like the jets, or browns, or cowboys, et al. And I have said it in public and ain’t nobody laughing except two-bit radio show hosts who can’t get a job anywhere else so they reside in pittsburgh, the no media zone of the country…how you think this go over in philly? NY? NE? Maybe you should lock yourself in a room with old steeler highlights of past greatness and perfectly content ….and deluded. stop wasting our time with convenient labels on those of us who wish to voice our opinion. You probably got as much passion for the game as tomlin and steelers appeared to have yesterday…NONE!!!

        • Jalen- Wow- you just called me idiot because I didn’t think Tomlin should be fired- I feel sorry for you. You clearly love the Steelers sooo deeply to get so upset over this game- you must not have much going on in your life, plus to get so emotional over something that you clearly don’t have a full understanding for must be difficult to deal with- I apologize- if I had known that a complete strangers opinion over a MUTUAL favorite team would make you cry I would have refrained-

  7. I agree Tomlin and Haley need to go, it’s not just 1 game it’s the past 3 years we have been on the down slide. Tomlin has not brought anything to this team, he road Cowhers coat tails for the first 3 years and now it’s his team. This team is old, slow, no oline, no pass rush or big play ability. The only thing that is left is our DC and he will probably retire at the end of the year, then it’s all Tomlins team.

  8. Ron- they certainly aren’t going to fire Tomlin after the first week of the season. If the season plays out the way they looked week one then I would be more willing to agree with everyone (except Jalen because he called me names- ha) but the oline is the issue and as a old college olinemen and coach I know it takes time to come together with people in new positions and a new coach. I still see young talent (Jones, Thomas, Decastro is talented, don’t know about Bell, Allen, Brown, Sanders, Hood and Heyward are improving..I’m just hopeful that can have the ability to pull it together. If they go 6-10 or so I wouldn’t argue much, but to this point Tomlin hasn’t had a losing record and a SB. I don’t buy into taking someone else’s team and winning stuff. That can be said about any coach that has won. Either way, thanks for your opinion without acting like a dummy (Jalen).. Go Steelers!

  9. I am tired of Tomlins post game sound bytes. He is all talk and no action. Reminds me very much of Obama. Just another talking suit. For three years, it has been the same post game sound bytes and the team has gotten worse and worse. It is clear that he has lost the team and the team is not responding to him. I am sure they laugh at his post game comments. When that happens, a change must be made. The end of last year and the beginning of this year might be the worse stretch of games the Steelers have had in three decades. It is ugly and embarrassing. The Steelers will be lucky to win 4 games this year. What a sad fall it has been. After watching the games this last week, it is clear that the Steelers are one of, if not the, worse teams in the NFL. What in the F happened? Tomlins head needs to roll.

  10. I cannot believe how many idiot Steelers fans there are out there. You people are for the most part clueless. The worst is this moron Thomas who says Pitt is the worst team in the NFL!! Then some of you other yahoos are actually taking the preseason games into account when judging this team and the coaching staff thus far. It would make me laugh if I did not love this team so much. Because of that it just pisses me off. What really makes me angry….angrier than I can express….is that when this team go on to have a good season all of these idiots will be out there in their black and gold acting like they knew the team was good all along. They are closet haters without any guts. Sure, they will come on a message board and spew their nonsense, but they will never have the balls to admit it when they are wrong. Why don’t all of you go sit in front of your Cohwer shrines and cry about the good old days. I love Bill too….what Steelers fan doesn’t…..but he’s gone, so get over it already! Moreover, it’s funny how none of you want to talk about Bill’s record in AFC Championship games at home. No, you’ll just wax poetic about how he did everything right and Tomlin does everything wrong. In addition, the Steelers 8-8 in Cohwer’s last season. That means Tomlin took an 8-8 team and transformed it into a Super Bowl winner in just two seasons. But I can hear it now…..”Tomlin did nothing because that was really Cohwer’s talent.” If that is the case, then why did Cohwer go 8-8 with that talent (if you look at the rosters from those years it wasn’t drastically different)? My point is that just about every coach has bad years. There is so much parity in the league that it is difficult to stay on top every year. Moreover, the Steelers are so stingy with their signing bonuses that they continually let talent go while there is still some tread on the wheels. Eventually, that catches up to you, and that’s when you have to retool. Tomlin is going through it now the same as Cohwer did. Yes, your never erring leader went through the same type of situation. Anyone remember ’98, ’99 and 2000 when the Steelers were 7-9, 6-10 and 9-7 respectively? And how interesting, ’98 was Cohwer’s 7th season as head coach of the Steelers, which is the exact same year Tomlin is presently in. I guess all of the “Cohwer is God/Tomlin sucks” idiots decided to gloss over that point. Idiots. Please don’t stand next to me during the parade in a couple of years.

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