Maybe the most famous hair in all of sports is going to get cut, as Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has announced he will have a “ceremonial haircut” for charity to support veterans.

Stripes.com reports that Polamalu’s haircut will talk place in November, and while at first he said he would trim a total of 10 inches of his famous locks, now he says it will be a haircut.

“In the end, it’s just about another way to support the veterans,” John Hamilton, adjutant general for the VFW said. “And, with Troy involved, we’re expecting to get some good media exposure.”

Polamalu’s hair became famous in his time with the black and gold, as well as has made him some dollars doing ads with “Head and Shoulders.”

The former Defensive Player of the year has for while been a solid avid advocate for veterans, including acting as the face of the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ “United for Veterans” campaign last year.

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