Instant React: Turnovers Send Steelers To 0-3 In 40-23 Loss To Bears

Five turnovers which allowed the Bears to score 23 points was the death blow for the Steelers Sunday night, as they fell to 0-3 with a 40-23 loss to the Bears.

The Steelers fell behind 17-0 in the first quarter, and while they cut the deficit to 27-23 in the fourth quarter, they never got the lead, and fell apart in the second half of the fourth quarter.

The team is now 0-3 for the first time since the 2000 season, a year in which they would win five straight after starting 0-3, and wound up 9-7.

It’s a far way away from that happening now, as this team is clearly not even close to being a contender in the AFC.

All the other AFC North teams won Sunday, meaning the Steelers control last place at 0-3 as they get ready to head to London to play the 0-3 Vikings.

Have at it Steeler Nation – how does the 2013 season get fixed? Or does it?

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4 Comments on "Instant React: Turnovers Send Steelers To 0-3 In 40-23 Loss To Bears"

  1. Fire Todd Haley ! Put Emanuel Sanders on notice ! Put Markus Wheaton on notice . Great job O Line and adefense . Ben its like sweet and sour chicken . You killing us dude

  2. Anyone watching this game can clearly see that the steelers are a team without an identity. And where does an identity come fom? The head coach! Plain and simple. Tomlin not only inherited Cowher’s players back n the day but his identity as well. As the years passed and Cowher’s players waned, so too went his identity leaving a void filled by Tomlin sans an identity. They can’t get out of their own way. We can wax all the specifics we want like Haley can’t call plays, Colbert can’t draft (all true by the way), Ben doesn’t protect the ball, offensive line is garbage—the most unforgivable thing by the way in my opinion, to have an elite QB and not be able to protect him—, defense has let downs at crucial moments, we don’t get turnovers, etc., etc. bottom line is there are quality players on this team and a good coach would win with them. Maybe hes ran his course here in Pittsburgh. I don’t feel pittsburgh is a place where players want to go and play anymore (of course we’d never know because we never go after any quality free agents). It just seems out of sorts from the top down. I was able to watch the game with little energy and if fans are a reflection of the organization, which i believe we are, then there should be more energy exuding from myself and others. It just seems missing like drab and lifeless. I’ve been watching the steelers for almost 40 years and I never felt this out of touch with the organization and the faces of it. I think major change is needed because the GM conducts boring drafts, rarely if at all moving up or down and snagging a splash player, he also conducts boring free agency periods with no signings of significant interest, the HC seems to prepare the team in all business, no nonsense types of personas all the while disguising his drabness with cliches like the standard is the standard and we’ll wear it, blah, blah, blah all the while seemingly losing his team in the process and the OC calls short passing plays and basic run dives up the middle with little to no creativity!?!?! Am I missing something? Does Colbert, Tomlin, Haley really inspire any of you or excite you when free agency begins or draft day is here or press conferences are held or post game speeches are being made or plays are being called or sideline tv cameras capture our no nonsense HC looking like a deer in headlights way over his head? Come on people, we are the steelers and we are better than this garbage that the Rooneys are and have been giving us the last few years!

  3. We just suck this year period. Cant block, cant sack, cant pick, cant hold onto ball, etc……frickin bs. Very down about it but facts is facts. Our line sucks, bad. Mebbe theyll get better over next few years but for now its nearly hopeless. Depressing to see us play like we been. So sloppy since tomlin came on. Little to no discipline or pride. Fire haley. Bench ben for next start. Start slappin some faces. Disgusting.

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