Pittsburgh Steelers v MInnesota Vikings

“Right now, you could say we’re the worst team in the league. That hurts.”Ben Roethlisberger

It’s hitting blogs and websites like the shot heard round the world today, as Ben Roethlisberger is proclaiming the Steelers as the worst team in football.

In short – he’s right.

The Steelers certainly are not playing up to the form or standards that fans are use to seeing on Sunday afternoons. The mistakes and the lack of talent is glaring, and as a leader, it’s a good thing that Ben is coming out and putting his teammates, and himself, on notice.

Sunday in London was another joke of an afternoon for the Steelers, as they strutted onto the field against another winless team in the Vikings, and proceeded to allow big plays, miss tackles, and force their $100 million dollar QB to – yet again – run for his life.

What ever happened to the old days when the Steelers O-line could open holes for running backs, keep their QB upright, and show some attitude.

The likes of ‘Dirt’ Dawson, Duval Love, Carlton Haselrig, Leon Searcy, Justin Strzelczyk, John Jackson and other REAL players on the line that could get the job done have been replaced by guys who are overpaid, injury prone, and more worried about their rap star buddies and murdering pals than getting the job done.

Am I bitter about this 0-4 start and no signs of this team getting better anytime soon?

Your darn right I am.

This team is part of a lot of peoples lives, and while I think losing can be accepted if it’s after you’ve done everything you can to avoid it, this team has turned into a laughingstock.

Hopefully with nearly two weeks to think about it before they hit the field again, the words of Roethlisberger will start to resinate and hit the soul of some of these players.

If not, the next three months will be much like this last one – and by the time it’s all said and done, maybe Roethlisberger’s words will in fact be some of the most truest he’s ever spoken.

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