Tomlin Lays Down The Law – No More Games In The Locker Room

Table tennis

Don’t cross the boss.

That’s the message this week from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin when it comes to playing games in the locker room.

Tomlin has banned all games, which mostly include billiards, pingpong and shuffleboard from the locker room, and the ban will be in place till at least the end of the season.

The story goes is the games were allowed after the Steelers won the Super Bowl in 2008 and played in, but lost the big game back in 2010.

The ban was originally instituted a few weeks ago by the team’s 10 remaining Super Bowl veterans, prohibiting players with less than four years of experience from playing, but now no one is having fun.

Tomlin was okay with players having games until there was issues and separate factions between the veterans and those on the list that are not allowed to play.

“From his point, it was dividing the team in a way,” defensive leader Ryan Clark explained Thursday. “One sect of people couldn’t do a certain thing and he just wanted everybody to be together — because we’re all in the losses together. We’re all in the business of fixing this problem together. He didn’t want anything to divide us.”

Bottom line – good move until this team starts to win.

Tomlin doesn’t plan on removing his players from “timeout” until the season is “back on track,” per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Clark insists the players aren’t “tripping about it,” but we have a feeling Ben Roethlisberger is taking the embargo the hardest.

Clark revealed on the “Dave Dameshek Football Program” in June that Big Ben “wins everything” off the field — be it softball, basketball, shuffleboard or even a miniature version of cornhole.

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  • Mario

    That should fix the teams problems! Tomlin is a moron that should be fired! He is a failure as head coach, and has to go to get the Steelers back to winning again! It will take a long time to fix the teams problems, but Tomlin has no clue how to fix the mess he caused!

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