This move by Mike Tomlin I agree with 100 percent.

No more somersault leaps for the black and gold.

Tomlin laid down the law Tuesday, telling Bob Labriola of Steelers Digest that he is for now on banning the move, most recently done by WR Emmanuel Sanders in the 19-6 win over the Jets Sunday.

“There will be no more somersault-into-the-end-zone celebrations,” Tomlin said. “There is the potential for injury. That simple.”

Sanders wasn’t the first player to pull off the leap in 2013, as in the Steelers loss to the Vikings in London, rookie RB Le’Veon Bell somersaulted into the end zone as he scored.

The move not only shows up the other team, but also can cause injury, and it looks foolish for a team that has won one game in 2013 for its players to put themselves at risk as well as showboat.

Kudos to you coach Tomlin for making the move.

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