What Roster Changes Could Tomlin Make For Struggling Steelers?

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers

A day after the Steelers worst defensive outing maybe in the history of the franchise, Steeler nation now sits back and awaits these so-called ‘changes’ that will be coming next.

“You re-evaluate everything, you have to after a performance like that and we will,” Mike Tomlin said Sunday after the D allowed 55 points.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean we will change, or we will change for the sake of changing. But we will look at every aspect of what we are doing and who we are doing it with because we can’t have performances like that. Those people that were lacking effort won’t be playing. It’s just that simple.”

The Steelers are up against their first 2-6 start since the Super Bowl hangover of 2006, and now with 8 games left will try to dig deep out of the hole they have made for themselves.

They already dumped their less than average punter in Zoltan Mesko, and now after another game of sloppy tackling, poor focus, and what looked like a lack of effort, you have to think more changes will be made.

Oddly enough, one player that didn’t look like he had his head in the game much was safety Ryan Clark, who just looked out of place a lot of the game, and didn’t seem to have one of his better outings.

Same for rookie Shamarko Thomas, who was no match all night for Pats TE Rob Gronkowski, who owned the Steelers most of the game.

The problem is there’s only so many other players that Tomlin hasn’t seen yet.

If he starts making wholesale changes up and down the lineups, there’s actually a shot that things could get worse before they get better.

Which is hard to believe considering how bad things were Sunday in Foxboro.

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9 Comments on "What Roster Changes Could Tomlin Make For Struggling Steelers?"

  1. The only change I would like to see is a new head coach!

  2. Kevin Colbert is very over-rated. Hasn’t shown much since Cowher left…
    The Steelers are soft upfront. Both the offensive and defensive lines are abysmal. The amount bad draft picks over the last 5 years have finally caught up to this team. If anyone is let go, it needs to start at the top.

  3. Blkandgold4Life | November 5, 2013 at 12:01 am | Reply

    Untill the franchise changes its philosophy on Free Agency and Trades to aquire players that actually have a winning NFL pedigree nothing will change..they keep attempting to hit the draft Lotto like its the 70s and clearly they don’t have what it takes..Although I did like this years except wasting a pick on Landry Jones. As much respect as I have for LeBeau his Defences have gottin progressively worse since SB 35..Don’t. Are what the numbers say..I have eyes..this should be his last year..Along with Haley AND Colbert..who gives a shit if they are from Pittsburgh.Colbert’s Mis-management of contracts and blown draft picks are directly related to the lack of talent Tomlin has to coach. ISnt he the head of player/personnel? Tomlin can’t cook with broken eggs. Not saying he is exempt from the situation but who do you replace him with? unless Cowherds or Gruden come out of retirement.The list is laughable. Ben now has 12 turnovers COSTLY ONES..he’s Ben a shell of himself since he got hurt last season..Troy is healthy but is constantly getting beat and out of place..Clark has just been terrible this whole season..Woodley shows glimpses at times Timmons and Ike are the only 2 consistents on that D..which needs to go back to a 4-3 and go out and get DBs that can play MAN to MAN all day long..And Safties that can Run..I could go on but I wont

    • I agree with ya, Steelerbum. We also can some offensive linement with some attitude. Get Mean Joe to be the offensive line coach – he will weed out the punks.

  4. I see the same statements all over different sites. Why would you change a formula that has worked for 500 plus years. Look at it this way the teams that our starting to hit strides right now are teams that habe haf top 10 picks for the last 8 years. When you draft 20 to 32 for 10 plus years its bound to catch up at thos draft picks it not a slam dunk that your going to hit on your 1st round pick. Cowher had a few years in a row where we had top 15 picks. The draft picks that tomlin has choosen there not bad. So if u want a stacked tram like we had in the early 90s and 2002 through 2010 then your going to have to want the steelers to play like they did in the 80s. So i know i dont want to go back to that sooo. Take it how you want it. But i think they are doing a good job of holding down the fort just needs some tweaking.

  5. 50 plus years.

  6. Dear 361,
    You sir(or madam)have little or no knowledge of what you are talking about. First off, 50 years??? Do you realize prior to ’73 the steelers were well below .400 winning %. To my calculations 1973 was 40 years ago…
    Secondly, the best players the Steelers in the last 20 years have been picked up in later rounds. You can’t use the picking late in the first round excuse. If that b.s. was true why are the Patriots and Packers still contenders after all these years? And if your logic was true(which it is not), the adverse would be true. Meaning teams picking early consistantly would have the talent to be great. Bills, Raiders, and Jags all prove that theory wrong. Success all depends on recognizing talent that fits the scheme you implement. If you want to run the ball, you better have run-blockers(maulers) in the interior of your line. The Steelers DO NOT!
    You want to run a zone-blitzing 3-4 you better have DE’s who command a double team that enables OLB’s to receive a single blocker. The Steelers DO NOT!
    They have addressed a definite need this past year with obtaining young talent to pressure the opponent within their scheme(i.e. Bell and Jarvis Jones), but with so many terrible drafts in the recent past there is NO core help. Cameron Heyward, Ziggy Hood, Mendenhall, and yes Pouncey are ALL busts. In fact, outside of wide receivers the Steelers have had NO success in drafting talent in the Tomlin era. I’ll give you Keenan Lewis…that’s pretty depressing
    This ALL falls on the shoulders of Kevin Colbert. LeBeau can’t run his scheme with 2nd-string talent and Haley looks even worse than he actually is with NO offensive line…

  7. Have you seen that statement in other sites? Yeah I don’t think so….

  8. Dude, what other sites?!?! Shut up already, you’re wrong on this! Steelers have had bad picks in recent drafts and Tomlin does not know how to get a team up to play football. They are and gave been flat for the most part since he has taken over. Haley is least culpable because it’s hardest to gauge his ability to call play because the talent level on offense is abysmal!!!! It’s like going to a farm and trying to decide which pig in a dress and high heels is the hottest! The bottom line is they gave no identity and haven’t since cowher left…don’t believe me, then why draft Mendenhall who was dear from a between the tackles runner at Illinois where they ran a spread and the give him a bunch of fat fuck offensive linemen who aren’t athletic enough to zone block? Also, they promote Arians to OC and ask bb rake five and seven step drops with these same o linemen who cannot pass block. At least Haley realizes he has fat, unathletic linemen so he tries to cal lays accordingly and that still doesn’t work. One of the Pittsburgh radio personalities Andrew Philiponi or full of baloney or whatever his name is said, a few years ago, the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard when he said that the offensive line on teams in Sony as important as it once was because bb and steelers won a SB with bad o line. They won it in spite of the o line, in spite of everything else sans bb. O line top priority on any team sans QB which is why the LT position is the second highest paid elite position next to QB.

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