Steelers Gab 2013 Week 16 NFL Preview – Pittsburgh At Green Bay

It’s week 16, and while the Steelers have a very, very slim shot at the postseason sitting at 6-8, they feel they have something to play for when they take on the Packers in Lambeau minus Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay is fighting to try and win the NFC North, and are sitting at 7-6-1 entering the game, a half game behind the Bears.

It should be an interesting game with bad weather expected, and one that could come down to what team plays better than in the snow.

Here’s our official game preview as the Steelers try to get to one game under .500 with a week 17 game at home vs the Browns.

1. Disrupt Flynn’s Rhythm – The Packers had major issues putting up points without Aaron Rodgers, but the last two weeks Matt Flynn has gone 50 of 71 for 557 yards with five touchdowns and two interceptions. Of course the second game was against the Cowboys, as the Packers rallied back for a huge win that puts them in a spot to still have a shot at the NFC North. The Steelers need to get to Flynn, and make sure he doesn’t get things going with WR’s and TE’s to make it a game of pitch-and-catch in the snow.

2. Get Bell Going – Le’Veon Bell is due to have a breakout game, and could have it looking across the way against fellow draft pick Eddie Lacy. Bell has shown flashes of having big runs and therefore big games, but has yet to put it all together. The O-line needs to show up and be physical with the Packers, and it could result in a big game for Bell, which the Steelers need.

3. Win The Turnover Battle – Bad weather usually results in mistakes, forced or not, and the Steelers and Packers have to be ready to play in a game much like two weeks ago with bad weather, wind and some bad conditions. Those types of games normally will come down to what team can make the less mistakes, and last week the Steelers did a nice job of not turning the ball over in critical situations. They have to force some mistakes from Flynn and the Packers offense.

Prediction: Forget last week for a minute, the Packers win over the Cowboys came against a team that is setting records for poor play on defense. Their offense has been okay, but not exactly the same as it would be with Rodgers under center. The game, as stated above, could come down to what team can stop from making mistakes that gives the other team a short field. The Steelers run D should be able to hold down Eddie Lacy, and the way the offense has been rather mistake free, look for the Steelers to walk away with a big win in the snow to get the club to 7-8. Pittsburgh 27 Green Bay 17

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