Will Either Bettis Or Greene Make It To The Hall This Year?


The Steelers have yet another shot to adding to the Hall, as both running back Jerome Bettis and linebacker Kevin Greene are among the 15 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bettis has now made it to the final 15 for four straight years. The back, beloved by the Black and Gold, is also the sixth-leading rusher in NFL history.

He left the game on the greatest stage, being a part of the Steelers team that took home the Super Bowl trophy back in 2005 at Super Bowl XL in his hometown of Detroit.

He’s one of the best ‘big men’ backs in the history of the game, and it’s hard to think that he would have to wait another year if he’s turned down again in 2014.

As for Greene, his three seasons with the Steelers were memorable for a number of reasons. The club’s pair of LB’s on the outside back then were Greg Lloyd and Greene, and the two combined to cause havoc for other teams.

Greene was selected to five Pro Bowls, and finished his career with 160 sacks, third on the NFL’s all-time list.

He was very good and had a ton of charisma and looked like another version of Hulk Hogan, with the flowing blonde hair and mustache.

It’s a much tougher sell for me to put Greene in the Hall, as when I think of him as one of the ‘best ever,’ I’m just not sold.

The night before the Super Bowl the final decision will come down as to who did and didn’t make it.

His 15 sacks in 1996 were a Carolina single-season record until defensive end Greg Hardy tied it this season.

This should be the year that Bettis achieves football immortality as Hall of Fame voter Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes.

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