Brett Keisel Says Good-Bye To Steeler Nation

Brett Keisel

It’s always tough to say good-bye, but today a now former Steeler did it with the same class and honor that he showed during the 13 seasons.

Brett Keisel said ‘so long’ today to the best fans in the NFL, with a message on his official Facebook page.

“Got the old locker cleaned out. So many emotions. So much gratitude! It’s been an honor to wear the 99 for Pittsburgh.”

Keisel finished fourth on the team in 2014 with 12 quarterback pressures despite missing the final four games because of a torn triceps.

We will miss you Brett!

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  1. adam lurnsman | March 11, 2015 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    I’ll tell you what Keisel,you are one of the best Steelers of all time,certainly you were the best defensive player last season till you got hurt,as a fan I can only hope you are back next season sooner than later… the way you look too unfamiliar without THE BEARD

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