Could the Steelers Take a Flier on Former Texans QB Brian Hoyer?

Brian Hoyer

The Steelers need for a quality backup QB may have just gotten more interesting, as there’s another name on the market the team is being linked to – that being former Browns and Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer was released by the Texans on Sunday, this after going 5-4 as a starter in nine games last season. He was awful during the teams’ wild card playoff loss to the Chiefs, throwing four picks as the Texans at home were shutout 30-0.

The Steelers know all about Hoyer, as they played him twice two seasons ago when he was the starter in Cleveland, beating him and the Browns opening day 30-27, but then in week six Hoyer threw for 217 yards and a score in a 31-10 win in Cleveland.

For Houston last season he threw 19 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and 2606 yards.

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14 Comments on "Could the Steelers Take a Flier on Former Texans QB Brian Hoyer?"

  1. I watched the Texans wild card playoff loss to the Chiefs and Hoyer played one of the worst games I have ever seen a quarterback play . He was simply awful . That being said , if he was brought in strictly as a backup , he would probably be an upgrade over Landry Jones . However , make no mistake , this guy is not a starter and should not be considered one .

  2. I believe that Denver Broncos will sign him

  3. Guess some forgot Hoyer played for the Steelers in 2012 and they have always had an interest in him as a backup.

  4. Suppose Cardale Jones falls to the Steelers in Round 2, DaveB. Do we take him?

    • It would be a very interesting scenario and one I would have to think hard on , but with all the needs the Steelers have on defense , it would be hard to pull the trigger on Cardale Jones . The Steelers need more help than just corner . They need safety help and depth on the defensive line as well .

      • Since we both favor fixing the defense first, I rather expected that would be your response — and I agree. But if C. Jones is available when we exercise the pick, imagine the apoplexy in the Steelers’ draft room. Tomlin couldn’t resist reaching for Mike Adams a few years back, and this one would be even tougher for him to resist.

    • Evening DrGeorge and Dave, just want to get my opinion to you guys. I would not take Cardale Jones at all in this draft. The Steelers needs are with the defense and I don’t believe Jones has what it takes to become a starting caliber QB in the NFL. He was struggling toward the end of his Ohio State career. Could argue that his Championship year was a “fluke”. Either way picking up a quarterback as a backup in the draft should not happen at all. You could get a solid QB in free agency after the draft is completed. It certainly will be better than Landry (Laundry) Jones LOL

  5. Geee thanks Mr. NFL history teacher James, nobody knew that lol
    Steelers Nation is brighter than you think dudette.

  6. George, you don’t take a black QB to be a franchise QB. They are just athletic and not cerebral enough to develop a dynasty franchise

  7. Cam Newton just went to the Super Bowl . Russell Wilson won it 2 years ago and Doug Williams was one of the best black quarterbacks in league history with a Super Bowl win . I could care less if hes black , white , pink or albino . If hes good enough to get my team to the big game thats all you can ask for . There are white quarterbacks currently enshrined in the HALL OF FAME who never won a super bowl . Fran Tarkenton and Jim Kelly just to name a few . Dynasties are great but they dont come along that often .

  8. DaveBn, I can name you 50 black QBS that have failed miserably as they do NOT transfer the talent to the NFL. Russell Wilson is half and half and anyone can find a nut once in awhile.
    BTW,Does Donovan McNabb ring a bell?

  9. How about the names Akili Smith and Vince Young and Kordell Stewart. They have Michael Vick disease

  10. The top 20 black QBS of all time have only one QB that won a Super Bowl trophy. Not biased but factual and Russell Wilson is multi racial in his heritage. I encourage you Doctor to go back to school because you have been schooled

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