Schefter: Le’Veon Bell Will Return to Steelers Before Start of the Season

Despite not having their biggest play maker at the running back spot with them thus far in training camp, the Steelers have been going at it hard getting ready for 2017.

Today it appears they found out some clarity as to when the team might see running back Le’Veon Bell, who was unable to reach a long term deal with the Steelers before the start of camp.

It’s not a surprise to see Bell likely miss the next two preseason games and come to camp with a week left before the team takes the field for real against the Cleveland Browns on September 10th in Cleveland.

Bell and the Steelers did chat quite a bit about a long term deal, but couldn’t decide on anything, and to date has yet to ink his Franchise Tender with the team, that being the reason he hasn’t had to pay fines for missing camp thus far.

3 Comments on "Schefter: Le’Veon Bell Will Return to Steelers Before Start of the Season"

  1. Hes playing with dynamite and in the end the Steelers hold the winning hand . Hes franchised this year and next year as well if the Steelers choose to use it . Bottom line , for the next two years at least , hes going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler . By holding out , hes only making himself look bad and in the end you cant win . He turns down a contract that would have made him the highest paid back in the league by a wide margin . If hes looking for more than that , keep looking , because the Steelers will never pay it .

  2. I agree, Dave, MAYBE MAYBE I could MAYBE empathize with him a bit if he weren’t oft injured, missing key playoff games, getting suspended and seemingly preoccupied with being a rapper!!!! But being as it is, he has been suspended, injured when they need him the most, creating (c)rap records….he needs to grow up, accept the deal they offered him or play elsewhere! The Steelers competed for Super Bowls with Neil (choke) O’Donnell and kordell stewart as the qb! They’ll continue their historically Sunni g ways with or without Prina Donna Bell!

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