Steelers Dominate the Second Half; Bury Bengals 29-14 to Move to 5-2

3. More Bell All Around

Again Le’Veon Bell had a huge day on the ground for the Steelers, putting up 134 yards on 35 carries, and those were hard earned yards as they usually are against the Bengals.

We’ve talked over and over about the Steelers formula for success, and that’s giving the ball to Bell – a lot. Last week it worked out in a big way in Kansas City, and this week it was the same formula in the big way over one of their divisional rivals.

There’s still concern about Bell wearing out having to carry the ball and make catches as often as he has, but thus far not having a training camp may have slowed Bell down in the first week or two, but now he looks like a possible MVP for not only the team, but for the league.

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  1. A great team win over another division rival . Both sides , offense and defense played well . One observation . The offense needs to become more balanced and Martavis Bryant needs used more to stretch defenses . LeVeon Bell being ran on almost every offensive play is getting old . In addition , at the current pace Bell’s gas tank is going to be empty come playoff time if this pace contiues . More balance is needed .

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